Sunday, December 10, 2023

Greg Vogel

How To: Easily Change Drift Tires Without Damaging Your Rims

Drifting is an awesome part of RC, from customizing your ride to your taste or mastering some awesome driving maneuvers with these gliding and sliding machines. The hard plastic tires mounted to standard sedan style wheels is a big factor in why these cars are so easy to drift, but on the down side, the hard plastic spinning on top of the abrasive pavement takes a toll on the tire and wears it down.

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Team Durango DEX210 V3 Competition 2wd Buggy Track Action Video

Team Durango DEX210 V3 2wd Buggy

Team Durango has recently released their revamped 2wd buggy platforms and these new competition machines certainly look impressive. Check out our DEX210 V3 as Editor Matt Maziarz gives you a quick overview of the buggy, some on track action and …

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Hpi E10 Drift Line

The E10 drift is an absolute complete package, meaning everything you could possibly need to get going minus a parking lot is included in the kit. The assembled car has electronics installed with the body pre-painted and mounted.

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Review: Axial Wraith Spawn

The off-road scenario: there are challenging piles of rock, loose dirt, should it? Many bashers want a machine that will just pulverize anything in its path and that’s why Axial’s Wraith has become a popular choice for off-roaders who want to just flat out get aggressive with the throttle.

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Review: Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT

Pro-Line pretty much shocked the RC community when they released the PRO-2 Short Course truck. This RC accessory giant made the leap into offering car kits and the PRO-2 is a pretty impressive machine for those who want the best of all worlds in a short course truck

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RC Builds Long Term Friendships and Support

Back in the late 80’s when I started racing, I ran at a local track named B.O.R.R.A (Bethel Off-Road Racing Association) in Bethel CT. There I met a lot of racers who I would go on to develop great friendships with and consider some family.

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ECX Amp MT 1/10 2WD RTR Action Video


RC Driver’s Contributing Editor Tony Phalen takes the ECX Amp 2wd electric 1/10 ready to run monster truck out for some fun in the dirt. Watch the box stock truck churn up the dirt. This truck is aimed to get …

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Review: Team C TM2

In a class as storied and historic as 2WD buggy, it’s been both refreshing and amazing to see so many changes in chassis and transmission developments. Mid motor machines are increasingly popular and the current trend has brought us back to days gone by with most every manufacturer enlisting an alloy chassis as the backbone.

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Review: Yeti XL Monster Buggy

OK AXIAL slow it down now, we’re still enjoying the unique fun and excitement of the Yeti and you go and drop a Yeti XL in our workbench. When are you going to invent more time Axial, so we can play with all the off-road goodness you have to offer?

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Losi All Terrain Buggy Teaser

Losi Terra TEN SCTE Buggy

Losi has posted a note on their website to visit them at Motorama which is coming up this weekend. It appears in that post that they will be debuting a new product too. The two buggies in the photo appear …

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Review: Hitec X1 Pro Charger & Epowerbox Combo

In the RC Driver office, if you bring in a tool, part, car, bag of chips, it’s all fair game to anyone else in the office. Because of this unwritten rule, time after time I head into Tony’s office to retrieve my calipers. But it’s OK, because I usually stick a battery on his Hitec X4 charger while I’m there.

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High tech RTR track racer! 1/8-SCALE ELECTRIC 4WD BUGGY Words: Greg Vogel Photos: Walter Sidas For those of you who follow the magazine, you may have seen the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-E 3.0 review I wrote in the June 2014 issue. …

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“That Track Sucks”

That Track Sucks

Off-road racing is a lot of fun and also poses a large variety of challenges for the driver. When you travel from track to track, you’ll encounter different track sizes, varying jumps and variations in surfaces.

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Helion RC Intrusion XLR 1/10 2wd Electric RTR Monster Truck

Helion Intrusion XLR

The first segment of RC that comes to my mind when someone refers to a “backyard basher” is the 2WD electric monster truck class. This type of truck is perfect for the backyard. It has the right ground clearance, the …

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Truggies have slowly transformed into the go-to machine for enthusiasts to bash because of their performance handling and powerful nature. Monster trucks still hold a place for many drivers too, who prefer their massive size and aggressive nature.

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