Thursday, February 29, 2024

Greg Vogel

Mini Me for an RC Scale Jeep

I Have always felt that if an RC vehicle has an open or highly visible driver’s seat that it should have a driver figure in it. If that driver could look like a mini me then that would be over the top. However, I never considered that since I didn’t know it was actually possible.

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ARRMA Nero Monster Truck Week: Day 5 – Performance and Action Video


We’ve Waited a Long Time for This! Our RC Driver staff first heard rumors and saw early renderings of the Arrma Nero a little over a year ago on our annual pilgrimage to Champagne, IL. The folks at Hobbico were very excited …

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ARRMA Nero BLX Monster Truck – Day 4: Diff Brain

Arrma Nero Hill Climb

  It is Day Four of the ARRMA Nero BLX on RC Driver‘s vehicle week and we’re getting into the crown jewel of the Nero BLX, which is quite obviously the Diff Brain. Check out the photos and video below. We …

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ARRMA Nero BLX Monster Truck – Day 3: Power System


So far we’ve seen ARRMA‘s Nero BLX  Monster Truck unboxed and talked about its suspension. Now lets talk about what many are interested in, the power system! 60 MPH Speeds 6S power has become the standard to which all MT …

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ARRMA Nero BLX Monster Truck – Day 2: Suspension

Nero going off-road

When designing the Nero BLX , the folks at Arrma and Hobbico took their time. Seriously, this truck was more than a year in the making. Much of that time was probably spent onthe layout of the chassis, joining the …

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ARRMA Nero 6S BLX Monster Truck Week-Day 1: Unboxing

ARRMA Nero Monster Truck

For a few months now, Hobbico has been teasing the RC masses with sneak peek videos of their new release, the ARRMA Nero 6S BLX. Vague, super sci-fi looking videos tantalized fans, but cut to the end before any real info was revealed. Well, the news is out and the Nero is about to hit the streets.

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RC Buggy Review: HobbyKing Basher BZ 222

To date, the lineup of vehicles bearing the name Basher RC from HobbyKing has been, well, limited to basher style vehicles. However, this latest release, the BZ-222 buggy is track ready right out of the box.

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Review: Pro-Line Racing Pro 2 RC Buggy

Pro-Line Racing has been hard at work making some of the best upgrades and performance parts in recent years. They’ve focused on one of the largest areas of growth in the short course truck arena with different tuning kits until they recently put everything together in one box to create the Pro-2SCT kit, an all-in-one platform that brings together all the best parts and pieces.

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We Review the RC4WD Gelande RC Trail Truck

Whether you call them scalers or trail trucks, the full-scale replica world of RC is filled with skill and creativity that will amaze any RC fanatic. Modelers continually strive to build and detail trucks in their own unique ways from beat-up old trucks to highly detailed showpieces.

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Try something new in RC

When I started racing radio control cars, my first race was with my Tamiya Falcom in the parking lot of a hobby shop. It was the first time I had actually run my first RC car, prior to that I had driven a friend’s car in his driveway for about a minute. At the track, I ran practice and then my father bought some on-road tires, which we fitted to the Falcon.

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Review: HobbyKing Basher Sabertooth 1/8-Scale RC Truggy

In the grand scheme of things, 1/8-scale truggy platforms are the beasts of RC, combining speed and power in a nimble package that is primed to conquer any race course or bash area.

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Class Graduate: Don’t Take These Short Course Habits to Other Racing Classes

Years ago, ok, many years ago, when I first started racing, we had a number of different classes for the same style of vehicle to help separate not only levels of products being used to race, but to help the participating racers to run in a class fit for their abilities.

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How To: Easily Change Drift Tires Without Damaging Your Rims

Drifting is an awesome part of RC, from customizing your ride to your taste or mastering some awesome driving maneuvers with these gliding and sliding machines. The hard plastic tires mounted to standard sedan style wheels is a big factor in why these cars are so easy to drift, but on the down side, the hard plastic spinning on top of the abrasive pavement takes a toll on the tire and wears it down.

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Team Durango DEX210 V3 Competition 2wd Buggy Track Action Video

Team Durango DEX210 V3 2wd Buggy

Team Durango has recently released their revamped 2wd buggy platforms and these new competition machines certainly look impressive. Check out our DEX210 V3 as Editor Matt Maziarz gives you a quick overview of the buggy, some on track action and …

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Hpi E10 Drift Line

The E10 drift is an absolute complete package, meaning everything you could possibly need to get going minus a parking lot is included in the kit. The assembled car has electronics installed with the body pre-painted and mounted.

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