Thursday, July 25, 2024

Finally a Stunt Truck! We have the Arrma Outcast

Arrma RC Outcast 6S

If you’ve read any issues of RC Driver over the past year, then you already know that we are huge fans of the latest generation of Arrma vehicles. They are all supreme bash machines with race-bred DNA interwoven into their DNA. Whether you’re looking to climb some rock piles, blast across a wide open beach or catch some huge air, the manufacturer has got something for you, rest assured. However, what if your particular cup of tea is being an RC stunt driver? You know, back flips, front flips and any other twisted nature of contorting an RC truck in ways only dreamed of … until now.

Sure, there have been other trucks (mainly MT’s as their huge tires offer gobs of gyroscopic force), but those have been platforms aimed squarely at off-road driving. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have seen absurd videos of kids driving there models off of skate ramps or in empty swimming pools and while that’s cool, it was usually short lived due to durability or performance issues. Well, the new Arrma RC OutCast 6S Stunt Truck has its sights set squarely on the stunt world of RC and this beast not only talks the talk … it walks the walk and then some, watch the video!


  1. When will the Orange Body made available for purchase?

  2. When will the Orange Body be made available for purchase??

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