Friday, February 3, 2023

Greg Vogel

Inside the RC Driver September 2015 Issue

RC Driver’s September 2015 issue is hitting the newsstands and hobby shop shelves now. We wanted to give you a video sneak peek of what’s inside the issue so you know why you need to run out to the store …

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Day 5: Dromida 4.18 BL Car Series Action Video & Final Thoughts

I love that these little vehicles come fully loaded so that when you purchase one you’ll need absolutely nothing else to get going. Not a one size fits all platform, the varying body styles look great and are sure to …

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Day 4: Dromida 4.18 BL Car Series Hop-Up

Dromida Suspension Parts

Dromida has 5 fun 1/18 vehicles, the DB4.18BL, DT4.18BL, BX4.18BL, MT4.18BL, and SC4.18BL that as of late are taking the mini world by storm. As you might have guessed, they all come with brushless power systems to make them fast …

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Run What You Can Handle

Arrma Kraton

This is a great time of the year for you to be checking out all the different articles and products we review on rcdriver.com, we spend the time to craft articles dedicated to helping regular readers and perhaps others looking …

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Day 3: Dromida 4.18 BL Car Series Performance

OUT TO PLAY What better way to test these cool little vehicles than on a playground. Thus, I headed for School Street Park in Agawam, MA not too far from where I live. There was a dry and dusty baseball …

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Day 2: Dromida 4.18 BL Car Series Features

Dromida 4.18BL Speed Series

Faster is almost always better. Let me correct that statement, faster is always better, period! When Dromida released their 4.18 series of 1/18 4wd minis they all came ready to run with brushed power plants, were well designed and had …

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Day 1: Dromida 4.18 BL Car Series Unboxing

Dromida 4.18 BL

Dromida is a relatively new brand to the RC hobby world, but is showing signs of rapid growth. Just a short time ago, Dromida offered brushed versions of the vehicles you are about to see. The popularity of these machines …

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RC Driver’s New Vehicle Week Article Series

RC Driver Magazine is excited to announce we are working on a new format to present vehicle releases called RC Driver Vehicle Week. In this video, editor-in-chief Greg Vogel gives you a brief rundown on what to expect in Vehicle …

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RC Driver Project SC Adventure Trucks Action


Are you ready to do something new with your short course truck? The crew at RC Driver Magazine reworked their Traxxas Slash 4×4, ECX Torment 4×4 and Helion Dominus 10SC short course machines into off-road tackling Adventure Trucks. In this …

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Ten Most Common Newbie Mistakes


One of RC Driver’s partnering test facilities, R/C Madness Track and Hobby in Enfield, Connecticut, has been open since April 1, 1989. Chris Marcy, the one-man gang that runs the show has seen it all in his 20 plus years …

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Team Associated B5M Factory Lite

Team Assocaited B5M Factory Lite

  Team Associated has released a specialized version of their widely popular competition 2wd 1/10 buggy the B5M dubbed the Factory Lite. The B5M Factory Lite comes with a slew of option parts like lightweight chassis, lightweight top shaft, lightweight …

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Losi XXX-SCT Brushless RTR with AVC Action

Losi XXX-sct with Spektrum AVC

You might look at the Losi XXX-SCT and think “great, another 2WD Short Course truck”. In some respects, you’re right on target. It is a 2WD truck based on the XXX-SCT platform, it is powered by a pretty stellar Dynamite …

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Pro-Line PRO-MT Action

Pro-Line Racing Pro-MT

Pro-Line Racing’s PRO-MT is one of RC Driver’s most favorite trucks ever tested which is why we awarded it with the RC Driver Top Product award. The PRO-MT is a high-end 2wd electric kit that gives you the most wanted …

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Project “Gone Wild” Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Project Gone Wild Axial SCX10 Jeep Rubicon

We certainly love the Axial SCX10 platform in the RC Driver offices; you can often find us sneaking out the door to run some rigs on the dirt and rocks around the office. That’s probably why we feature so many …

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Team Durango DESC10 Action

Team Durango DESC10

Team Durango’s latest short course truck offering looks like a winner on the bench, on the track and off-road where bashers demand performance and durability. The RC Driver crew has been busy building and testing this truck and like what …

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