Saturday, June 15, 2024

Greg Vogel

Need A Lift? HoBao Racing Car Stand

HoBao Car Stand

There is no shortage of car stands in the RC car world and these from HoBao are not new but they are certainly worth checking out. In our video Greg Vogel takes a look at the HoBao stands in 3 …

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Power That Servo – Castle Creations BEC 2.0 Waterproof Voltage Regulator

Castle BEC 2.0

Some of the new top of the line servos on the market need increasing amounts of power to achieve their maximum performance. If the speed control or power source is not up to the task of feeding these power-hungry servos …

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How To Hop Up SCX10 Gear Swap – Robinson Racing Lightened Output Gear

Robinson Racing Axial SCX10 Gear Install

Axial’s SCX10 and SCX10 II are tough trucks on the rocks but we love to upgrade and in the video posted below we show you how to install a Robinson Racing Lightweight Output gear into the AX10 style transmission. This …

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Pick your Tombstone – New 1.9 Silver and Gold Beadlock Wheels From Gear Head RC

Gear Head RC Tombstone Wheels

Gear Head RC just sent word about their New 1.9 Silver and Gold Tombstone Beadlock Wheels. These new wheels caught our eye because of their brilliant silver or anodized gold finishes. These new wheels will certainly add authenticity to any 1/10 scale …

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Carry your shock oil in style – Team Associated Fluid Carrier

Team Associated Fluid Carrier

  You didn’t raid the pantry for a plastic bag to tote your shock and diff oils did you? Silly racer, plastic bags are for your sandwiches. Step up your storage with the Factory Team Fluid Carrier from Team Associated. …

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RC Driver Rewind

If you have been around this great hobby for a long while like I have you have seen a great many cool vehicles come and go. Some, that shall remain nameless, never really caught on or were poorly designed. Others had a huge fan following but their time simply ran out and they were superseded by newer and more modern vehicles.

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The Art of Paul Pike

Somewhere in the northeast of England lives a 34-year old artist who now has a fan in the eastern United States… Me! I came across the RC artwork of Paul Pike while loitering on Facebook and immediately fell in love with his style.

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Power Ports – Hitec X2 AC PRO Battery Charger

A charger is a charger is a charger, right? Not quite, but those of you who have owned Hitec chargers already know that. Since the release of the X4 many years ago, Hitec has been at the forefront of the charger game and from the looks of their latest release, they’re going to stay right where they are near the top.

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A Different Start

What was it that got you into RC? Were you interested in models and stumbled upon the world of radio control? Did you see someone bashing an RC vehicle in the street or yard and say you had to have one too? Did you buy several toy store brand machines before researching the hobby side of RC?

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Tamiya Heavy Dump Truck GF01

Tamiya - Heavy Dump Truck - GF-01 Chassis copy

Kits like the Heavy Dump Truck GF01 from Tamiya spell out pure RC fun from start to finish. I sat down with my twin five-year-old boys and had a blast building with them and teaching them what an RC kit is all about. When we were finished we had a fun wheelie-popping machine that they’ve enjoyed driving for countless hours.

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Hands On!

I was about 12-years-old when I got my first Tyco radio control car. I guess you could call vehicles like this the original ready to runs, and it was plenty of fun for the few weeks I was able to avoid puddles. Not knowing what get next my father and I scoured local toy stores...

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All About Speed And Power – Arrma Kraton Truggy

Over the course of the last half year, Arrma has revamped most of their lineup in addition to releasing an entirely new machine (Nero). The latest rig in their fleet to get the new electronics and revised components is the Kraton 6S BLX. A standard truggy layout that’s meant for backyard bashing and parking lot drag races, the Kraton now features the potent BLX185 ESC and 2050Kv four-pole motor combo.

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Team Losi Racing 22-4 2.0

When it comes to 1/10 electric off road racing, four wheel drive mod buggy is probably the class I enjoy racing the most. Perhaps it's because no matter how I set up the buggy, good or bad, I can get it around the track fast. Fast, of course, equals fun and that’s why we do what we do. Yeah right...

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MaxAmps Boosts the Traxxas X-Maxx with New 9000XL LiPo Batteries

Maxamps 9000xl_148_XMaxx_Pair

Well here are some big numbers for you, MaxAmps.com  just unleashed the new 9000XL 4s 14.8V X-Maxx LiPo battery pair. X-Maxx owners demand lots of power and run time from their monster sized bashing machine and the MaxAmps.com pair is …

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Serpent RS X 4Buggy

Back in the day (like, way back) Serpent was known pretty much just for their purpose designed, on road racing rigs. Their 1/8-scale nitro GT and Prototype rigs were the go-to model if you wanted to win on the asphalt. Over the most recent years, the company has shifted its efforts more into the off-road realm.

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