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Power That Servo – Castle Creations BEC 2.0 Waterproof Voltage Regulator

Castle BEC 2.0

Some of the new top of the line servos on the market need increasing amounts of power to achieve their maximum performance. If the speed control or power source is not up to the task of feeding these power-hungry servos the performance will suffer sometimes and can possible cause a loss of connection from receiver to radio. Many manufacturers offer BEC (battery eliminator circuits) units that are powered directly from battery packs and regulate amps and voltage but the BEC 2.0 from Castle Creations ups the ante so to speak as it is completely waterproof and can be used with 12S LiPo battery packs (that’s over 50-volts) and is completely adjustable.



MANUFACTURER: Castle CreationsCastle Creations BEC 2.0

PRODUCT: Castle Creations BEC 2.0 Waterproof Voltage Regulator

PART NUMBER: 010-0153- 00

PRICE: $39.96


The body of the BEC 2.0 Waterproof Voltage Regulator measures 35mm c 18mm x 19mm and weighs just 28g. The sleek aluminum case is ideal for heat dispensation, has a nice flat bottom so it can be affixed to most surfaces with double sided tape. It’s default voltage output setting from the factory is 5.25V but can easily be changed from 4.75V – 12V with a PC and a Castle Link. When used with vehicles that need a brake is the maximum input voltage is 50.4V (12s LiPo) but if used in non-brake applications (like an airplane) it can handle an astounding 58.8V (14S LiPo)! The long silicone input wires come pre-tinned so they can be soldered to the raw power source and there are a pair of outputs to plug into a receiver or wherever smooth and consistent power is needed.



I installed the BEC 2.0 Waterproof Voltage Regulator into my Losi 5ive-T that had been converted into brushless powered speedster and uses a pair of 5S LiPo batteries (42 volts). This big truck has a pair of Hitec 1/5 servos (one for steering and the other for brake) that need much power to turn the wheels and stop the heavy truck. The MGM esc that I was using did not have a BEC built in and the BEC I was using was bulky and there was a rudimentary switch to change between a few pre-set voltage options. I set the output voltage to 7.4V with my laptop and Castle Link and it took just about 20-minutes to complete installation. Once I completed the install and charged the pair of 5S LiPo batteries, I headed for a large open parking lot near my house to give it all a test. Before I pulled the throttle back I gave it a bench test so to speak, just turning the wheel to see how the tires would react and pushing back on the brake. The wheels turned with a good snap and the brake seemed to hold strong. The real test, though, would come when the big truck was moving. The steering response was absolutely perfect with great speed and torque and I could lock the wheels on demand by applying the brake. I ran the truck for a good 10+ minutes and performance was consistent the entire time. On checking the temp of the BEC 2.0 Waterproof Voltage Regulator it was cool, telling me it operates efficiently.

Castle BEC 2.0


– Sturdy aluminum case

– Fully programmable

– Small size

– Easy to install


– Not much!



The BEC 2.0 Waterproof Voltage Regulator from Castle Creations is the ideal unit for crawlers, large scale vehicles and more. It is much smaller than similar units, I love the aluminum case and being waterproof it can be used just about anywhere. Should you need to change it from one vehicle to another with different requirements the settings can be easily be updated with the Castle Link so you should never need another BEC. With servos and other devices needing more and more power picking up a few BEC 2.0 Waterproof Voltage Regulators is a solid idea.

Author: Dean Berry

LINK Castle Creations

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