Monday, April 22, 2024

Very Cool! The Konghead 6×6 (G6-01) from Tamiya

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The Konghead 6×6 is Tamiya’s first ever six-wheeled R/C vehicle ready to pound dirt, asphalt lots and neighborhood streets across the country! This model utilizes a new gear-driven 6WD chassis which is partially derived from the capable Tamiya GF-01 machine. The excellent drive it provides will make for extreme fun while off-road driving. Furthermore, its powerful gear-driven setup allows the Konghead to take on slope inclines of up to 40 degrees!

The polycarbonate body, inspired by Tamiya’s classic Bullhead monster truck, features a brand-new sticker sheet with cool graphics. A host of metal-plated parts includes air cleaners and exhaust (both from the Bullhead monster truck), plus chrome-plated deep rim wheels.


·         R/C model assembly kit. Length: 420mm, width: 270mm, height: 280mm.

·         The 6WD chassis employs 3 differential gears to transmit power from the front-center-mounted motor to all of the model’s wheels. These differentials are encased in the durable main chassis.

·         6-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension is paired with friction dampers.

·         Brand-new polycarbonate body inspired by the classic Bullhead monster truck.

·         The kit manual build creates a front wheel-steering model. It also includes instructions to re-assemble it into a 4WS model with steerable rear wheels. NOTE: Separately-sold 4WS function transmitter and R/C equipment are required.

·         Compatible with many GF-01 chassis Hop Up Option and spare parts.

·         Requires 2-channel radio with ESC, & 7.2volt battery with charger.

·         Requires Tamiya Polycarbonate paint to paint the body. (sold separately)

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