Thursday, June 20, 2024

Start Your Wrenchin! Dynamite Deluxe Large Scale Tool Set

Large scale RC machines continue their steady rise in popularity and we’re excited to see lots of accessories being released specifically for this segment. We got a hold of a Dynamite Deluxe Large Scale tool set from Horizon Hobby and took a look at what the set has to offer. Tired of the kit allen wrenches? This could be an easy answer for your large scale wrenching needs. This set comes in its own storage pouch, includes a ratcheting handle and most of the bits you’ll need to wrench on your 1/5 machine.

Dynamite Large Scale Tool Set


Product: Deluxe Large Scale Tool Set
By: Dynamite/ Horizon Hobby
Part Number: DYNT1074
Price: $56.99

Dynamite Large Scale Tool Set The kit comes with a T-handle with a built in ratchet to make removing and tightening screws a breeze. There is a switch to control the ratchet direction or lock it in place. 

Dynamite Deluxe Large Scale Tool Set A 7mm, 8mm and 10mm nut driver feature the Dynamite logo etched into the shaft and their sizes are easily identifiable at the base too. 
Dynamite Deluxe Large Scale Tool Set Like the nut drivers, the hex drivers are nicely labeled with their sizes. The 1/4-inch lock in drives make it easy to snap into the included handle or your own power driver. The bits have a tight fit in the hardware we tested the tools on and the ball end hexes are great for getting to hardware in hard to access spots.
Dynamite Deluxe Large Scale Tool Set A 1/4-inch extension drive comes with the set and has a magnet in the coupler to retain the tool bits. The other tool in this picture is a T27 Torx driver for the clutch screws.

Dynamite Deluxe Large Scale Tool Set

The Dynamite Deluxe Large Scale Tool Set is a great tool set for large scale mechanics. By far these tools are much more friendly to use than the basic wrenches that come with your kit. The handle seems to be holding up to wrenching on some locked in hardware and after a few wrench sessions on our Losi Monster Truck XL, the tool tips didn’t show signs of wear. The set is great for both the backyard basher and the racer who needs to make quick work on their machine between heat races.
LINK: Dynamite RC


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  1. I am definitely look into getting a set for myself. Having the right tools in the pit is soo critical.

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