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The Art of Paul Pike

This article was originally published in the RC Driver’s March 2016 issue.


Somewhere in the northeast of England lives a 34-year old artist who now has a fan in the eastern United States… Me! I came across the RC artwork of Paul Pike while loitering on Facebook and immediately fell in love with his style. His website, http://www.ikesink.co.uk, is filled with a variety of subject matter but what I found most interesting was the way he caricaturized RC vehicles. His passion for racing nitro buggies led to him combining that with his passion for art. Here in the Backyard you will see just a couple of examples of what Paul does and a little about how he does it. You can contact Paul to have him do your RC car, truck or buggy by checking out his web page for contact info. Enjoy!

Paul’s art can include more than just the vehicles. Here is one that depicts an entire race scene.
The Ike’s Ink Facebook page is where Paul will show progress images of the commissioned art he is currently working on. He starts with a rough sketch. This image compilation shows the next three stages of the process. The first is the line art that is created after the original rough sketch. The center image is with the colors applied. The third image is the final rendering once texture and detail has been added.

“I have been an artist all my life. I am not the best but I don’t think I am the worst either. As an artist I find inspiration in the works of other artists, particularly artists that also share my love of the RC hobby. I have not done much RC art in recent years but aft er seeing how much Paul enjoys doing what he does I think it is time to break out my sketch book again.”

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