Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tekno RC releases new Bearing Sleeve Sets

Tekno RC has just released a less than expensive way to save weight fast! These new Tekno RC bearing sleeves will save 1.3g of rotating mass per bearing by allowing you to use a smaller bearing and plastic sleeve, as opposed to a larger bearing and more weight. Outfitted on all 3 differentials on a typical 1/8 vehicle, you are saving 7.8g of precious weight. That’s less than a $1/gram outside the cost of the 8x14x4mm bearings which are a routine maintenance part. The bearing sleeves are compatible anywhere an 8x16x5mm bearing is used, however, Tekno mostly recommend them for differentials.


  • Saves 1.3g of rotational mass per bearing (7.8g total)
  • Compatible with any vehicle that uses 8x16x5mm bearings
  • Improves acceleration and saves weight without sacrificing durability
  • Sold in sets of 6 sleeves
  • Use with TKR08144 bearings.


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