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The Game Just Went Next Level – Tekno RC EB410 1/10th 4WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit

There has been some serious buzz among 1/10 electric buggy racers as Tekno RC released teasers that they were about to enter the 1/10 racing scene after they’ve been built a noteable presence in the 1/8 buggy and truggy areana. Well, that buzz is full blown reality now and we’ve gone from tease to photos and information on their new 4wd buggy offering, the EB410.

When designing the EB410, Tekno knew they were entering a competitive market. Consequently, their task of creating a new 1/10th 4WD buggy was going to be that much more intense. Tekno’s first CAD files for the EB410 date back to August of 2012, before the original EB48 was released. Five years and about two dozen iterations later, Tekno is finally releasing the buggy.

No, the EB410 is not a ‘copy’ of an existing buggy. But Tekno didn’t make it different just for the sake of being ‘different’ either. The decisions made during the design process were carefully considered and thoroughly tested during an extensive prototype phase. Any design aspects that were unsatisfactory during testing were redesigned and retested until we were completely satisfied. The process was quite time consuming and almost no expense was spared to see Tekno’s complete vision come to life.

Tekno RC EB410




-Shaft-drive system for better durability, efficiency, adjustability, and ease of maintenance.

-Increased fluid capacity differentials; can work more efficiently and consistently.

-Reverse bellcrank system helps smooth out the steering response and improve consistency through the turns.

-CNC Machined aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum and high quality hardened steel alloys for all critical parts such as the chassis, hinge pin braces, motor mount, and driveline components.

– 13mm true big bore shocks for a extremely durable and reliable shock system and includes 3.5mm shock shafts.

LINK: Tekno RC

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