Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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RC4WD Over/Under Drive Transfer Case For The TF2 & Gelande II

Every month we receive emails from RC4WD and they are loaded with new releases. We can hardly keep track of all of the RC4WD parts coming out, we don’t know how they do it. But among the slew of cool new parts in the latest list of releases was this Over/ Under Drive Transfer Case. This unit right here should have a lot of driving geeks excited about the potential of their rig with one of these installed. This will allow you to tune the power of your front and rear axles independantly. Some like to overdrive the front and underdrive the rear of their rigs. Whatever you like to do, this new case from RC4WD is a great option to help you tune performance. You’ll also want to check out RC4WD’s new low profile mounting plates for the case.

1.47 / 1 Gearing
.8 Mod Gears
Hardened Steel Gears
Cast Casing
Wide Gears
Has same mounting as our popular Hammer Transfer Case
Output Shaft OD: 0.19in / 5.0mm
Total Weight: 6.21oz / 176g

For more information and mounting plate options, visit RC4WD: HERE

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