Thursday, August 13, 2020
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RPM Gull Wing Team Associated B6 & B6D Front A-arms

The Team Associated B6 & B6D are race-bred machines ready to tear up the track, but if you want your buggy to handle the abuse you throw at it, RPM A-arms can help keep you on track. In order to go fast, suspension settings need to stay locked in. With stock A-arms, the amount of slop at the hinge-pins can cause your suspension settings to wander (RPM found as much as 0.003” or .076mm of clearance in the hinge pin holes of a stock set of A-arms). Not with RPM A-arms! RPM’s hinge-pin holes are held to extremely strict tolerances, with no more than 0.0005” to 0.001” (.013 to .025mm) of clearance, an improvement of nearly 300%! RPM customers have repeatedly reported that stock A-arms break quite easily. Whether on the track or off bashing at your favorite local hang-out, RPM A-arms are the toughest A-arms on the market so a rough landing or a hit from that hack that always seems to target you won’t take you out of the race! With unmatched performance, extremely lightweight materials and the ability to hold your suspension settings even after a wicked wreck, RPM A-arms will get you across the finish line EVERY time!
Tech Notes: RPM #81422 replaces stock Associated #91673.
Retail Price: $12.95 / pair
Link: RPM R/C Products


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