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v255 Software For Tekin Speed Controls

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The latest v255 software is here from Tekin Racing. This software is a huge leap forward in regard to feel and adjustments.  This essentially makes any of the second generation ESC’s feel like you just bought something new.
v255 is the culmination of extensive testing from our factory team drivers. Months of testing in off-road, on-road, and 1/8 racing has led us to this latest version.  Here are some of the new features:

·         New UFR Ultra Fast Response

·         Adjustable Reverse Delay

·         Adjustable Throttle and Brake Frequency

·         New Torque setting which replaces the previous Current Limiter

·         Data Log Remote Erase feature

·         Improved default settings in all profiles

·         Enhanced mouse-over feature initiated by hovering over the setting title, also active in the Dashboard area.

·         Roar Spec approved

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