Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Wireless! The Tekin Hotwire 3.0

Wireless!  The Tekin Hotwire 3.0

The Hotwire 3.0 has arrived!  Now you can adjust your Tekin ESC on the track or trail wirelessly!  You can make changes as conditions or terrain evolves without taking the body off. Unlock the full potential of your Tekin ESC with your mobile phone of choice; iOS or Android.

In stores now, the latest Hotwire 3.0 is an “All Access Pass” to your Tekin ESC! Connect to Android or iOS devices using Bluetooth wireless technology without touching your car. Access additional tools and settings such as brake and drive frequency, Data Logging, BEC settings, and more! You get unrestricted access to upgrade your Speed Control to Tekin’s latest software and performance mods!  The new Hotwire 3.0 does everything the previous generation Hotwires did, and much much more!

HotWire 3.0 Bluetooth
Tekin HotWire 3 runs on the following platforms:


– Android 4.3 & UP

-iOS 8 & UP (iPhone 4S and iPad2 or newer)

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