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3 Must-See Pro-Line Traxxas Slash Builds That Anyone Can Do!

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We love taking the time to upgrade our RC rides. There is a thrill in taking a stock vehicle and then improving it to either make it perform better, last longer or just to change its appearance. Having a RC vehicle identical to everyone else’s tends to get boring and it is fun to customize your vehicle to give it a bit of an advantage over your buddie’s car. This inevitably turns into a one-upmanship contest and the cars become quite decked-out. See what you can do to your truck after checking out our Traxxas Slash Builds that anyone can do!

We stepped back and looked over our rides here at RC Driver and we noticed that even though most of them are upgraded with either factory and/or aftermarket hop-up parts, they are essentially still the same type of vehicle that they started out as and are not all that transformed. We decided to take one vehicle and show how you can transform it into one of three different types of vehicles. This is a great option if you are jonesing for a change and you don’t have the budget to buy another vehicle.

Traxxas Slash 2WD

But what RC car or truck should we use? The one vehicle that quickly came to mind was the popular Traxxas Slash 2WD short course truck. It is a durable off-road vehicle that has a versatile and robust chassis to work with, there are a ton of factory and aftermarket parts to choose from and there are a loads of people out there who own these fun off-road trucks and will benefit from these builds. Next you will see how you can convert the Slash into an awesome quarter-mile drag car, a roost-throwing sand buggy and a sick pavement pounder using Pro-Line accessories.

The chassis of the Traxxas Slash makes for a great platform to work off of.



Pro-Line Super J Pro-Mod Drag Car Body


Slash Drag Car
Kicking of the three builds is this killer-looking Slash Drag Car. It is by far one of the biggest transformations amongst the three vehicle builds shown here. It will also require some more effort to properly complete the change from an off-road short course truck to a sleek 1/4-mile drag car. It starts off with the awesome Pro-Line Super J Pro-Mod Drag Car Body (#3523-00). This is Pro-Line’s first-ever body dedicated to the ever-growing short course drag racing class. The Super J is a full-blown Pro-Mod drag racing body that will transform your Slash 2WD into a scale 1/4-mile beast. This retro custom hot-rod style body features a ton of scale details to give your SC drag car a super unique, race-inspired look.

The Super J is a convenient 1-piece body design with no assembly necessary. Just paint it up in your favorite colors, trim it, decal it and start burning rubber. Pro-Line recommends using a 2.2” Buggy wheel/tire combo on the front combined with 2.2”/3.0” SC wheel/tire in the rear for the ultimate scale hot-rod stance. We followed the recommendation and selected for the front of the car the brand new Pomona Drag Spec 2.2” Black Front Wheels (#2775-03) wrapped with the Hoosier Drag 2.2” 2WD Drag Racing Front Tires (#10158-17). For the rear we picked the Pomona Drag Spec 2.2”/3.0” Black Wheels (#2776-03) mounted in the Hoosier Drag Slick SC 2.2”/3.0” Drag Racing Tires (#10157-17). Pro-Line made the Hoosier Drag Slick tires specifically for no-prep drag racing. Hoosier is well-known for their success in full-scale drag racing and now you can have your drag car decked out with scale versions of the real thing.

Both the front and rear Hoosier drag tires are available in Pro-Line’s soft, yet very durable S3 compound or the more stable MC clay compound. Each of the Hoosier drag tires proudly displays the white Hoosier logo on the sidewalls. These Hoosier tires just don’t look remarkably scale, they perform just like the full-size tires.


Pro-Line has just release the Pomona Drag Spec black wheels for the front and rear of your SC drag car. They are the perfect complement for the Hoosier drag tires. The offset of the Pomona wheels is ideal for 2WD Slash trucks that are converted to no-prep Drag Racing cars.

With the body wheels and tires selected there are some additional steps to finish off this sweet build. In order to create a more scale look since the body was designed with a narrower track width than the typical short course body, some modifications are needed to the Slash 2WD. Following is a list of parts and tweaks that need to be completed.

>> Pro-Line Extended Front & Rear Body Mounts (#6070-00)
>> Traxxas Bandit Front Arms (#2531X)
>> Traxxas Bandit Rear Arms (#2750R)
>> Traxxas Bandit Front Caster Blocks (#2432)
>> Traxxas Bandit Steering Blocks (#3636)
>> Traxxas Bandit Axles (#2437)
>> Traxxas King Pins (#3740)
>> Traxxas Front Camber Turnbuckles (#2444)
>> Traxxas Rear Turnbuckles (#2443)
>> Traxxas Toe Link Turnbuckles (#2445)
>> Shorten rear drive shafts
>> Remove front bumper

Here is the list of Pro-Line parts that we used for the Slash Drag Car build:
>> Super J Pro-Mod Drag Car body (#3523-00)
>> Extended Front & Rear Body Mounts (#6070-00)
>> Hoosier Drag 2.2” 2WD Drag Racing Front Tires (#10158-17)
>> Hoosier Drag Slick SC 2.2”/3.0” Drag Racing Tires (#10157-17)
>> Pomona Drag Spec 2.2” Black Front Wheels (#2775-03)
>> Pomona Drag Spec 2.2”/3.0” Black Wheels (#2776-03)


Volkswagen Baja Bug Clear Body


Slash Sand Buggy
From an on-road build to an off-road sand throwing machine…enter the Slash Sand Buggy. This build is not as involved as the Slash Drag Car and you can get all the parts from Pro-Line. Swap out the stock Slash body with the Pro-Line Volkswagen Baja Bug Clear Body (#3238-62). This is an officially licensed body by Volkswagen and has the great style, quality and features that you would expect from Pro-Line. It comes clear and includes a molded spoiler, spoiler mounting hardware, detail decal sheet and window mask. The stock body mounts will work with this body. You will just need to slightly adjust the height of the posts. You will also need to remove the nerf bars from each side of the chassis so the body can fit. Protect the inside of the body with some tape to keep the chassis sides from rubbing through the paint. Pro-Line put some nice engine detail on the rear of the Baja Bug and if you want to keep them intact, the rear bumper needs to be removed.

The key to the Slash Sand Buggy transformation are the wheels and tires. Pro-Line makes the perfect tires for this application. The Sling Shot SC 2.2”/3.0” Tires (#1158-00) for the rear and the Mohawk SC 2.2”/3.0” Tires (#1157-00) for the front. This setup will turn your short course into a sand slinging super buggy. Equipped with 10 monster grabbing 1/4” tall paddles, the Sling Shot tires can easily overcome sand and even snow. Up front the Mohawk SC tires are the perfect complement to the Sling Shot tires. A large center rib and smaller outer rib will give this Sand Buggy immediate steering. Both types of tires come with closed cell inserts. Next we chose the attractive Pro-Line Impulse 2.2”/3.0” Black Front Wheels (#2771-03) and Impulse 2.2”/3.0” Black Wheels (#2772-03) for the rear. Their realism is what sold us along with their tough off-road looks. They feature a split 6-spoke design that recreates the latest in high performance full size forged racing wheels while paying homage to Pro-Line’s first ever short course wheel design. Molded in bead-loc and lug nut hardware detail only adds to the realism. We found these wheels to be very stiff thus making them a great choice to ensure consistent good handling and durability. Just glue them up to the tires and you are ready to mount them on the chassis.

Since this ride is destined for off-road duties, we picked the Pro-Line PowerStroke Shocks (Front #6063-00 / Rear #6063-01) to replace the stock plastic units. The PowerStroke Shocks will enhance the overall performance of this Slash build. They feature an aluminum body and shock cap, true dual-stage spring rate, infinite spring pre-load adjustment, beefy 3.5mm shock shafts, injection molded, super durable spring retainer and shock ends, bladder sealed shock cap, free flow molded pistons, dual O-ring seats and upper and lower shock shaft guides. And the nicest features is that they are sold assembled with all that is left is for you to add your desired shock oil. Unlike other short course vehicles that need the universal mounting kit, the PowerStroke shocks are a direct fit for the Slash.

Here is the list of Pro-Line parts that we used for the Slash Sand Buggy build:
>> Volkswagen Baja Bug Clear Body (#3238-62)
>> Mohawk SC 2.2”/3.0” Tires (#1157-00)
>> Sling Shot SC 2.2”/3.0” Tires (#1158-00)
>> Impulse 2.2”/3.0” Black Front Wheels (#2771-03)
>> Impulse 2.2”/3.0” Black Wheels (#2772-03)
>> PowerStroke Shocks (Front) (#6063-00)
>> PowerStroke Shocks (Rear) (#6063-01)


1956 Ford F-100 Pro-Touring Street Truck


Slash Pavement Pounder
We really like the looks of this converted Traxxas Slash. Not only is its appearance entirely different from a stock Slash, but the Pro-Line 1956 Ford F-100 Pro-Touring Street Truck (#3514-00) body is super cool looking. The slammed retro truck look is clearly designed for some serious street truck racing. The old-school F-100 Pro-Touring body features incredible scale details while being proportioned to fully cover the tires of a Slash short course truck. Pro-Line nicely captured the essence of the ’56 Ford F-100 with its single cab and iconic hood and headlight details. At the rear is a built-in spoiler…just the thing for a high-speed street truck. To mount up this body onto the Slash, you will need the Pro-Line Extended Front & Rear Body Mounts (#6070-00). They are quick and easy to install while also allowing you to tweak the height of the body to match the look you are going for.

A high-speed pavement pounder like this needs the right tires for the job. The Pro-Line Prime 2.8” Street Tires Mounted (#10116-10) are a great choice. These are one of Pro-Lines new pre-mounted street tires designed for high speed fun. Thankfully, Pro-Line has taken the guesswork out of your glue job by doing the mounting for you so you can spend your time having fun. The Prime 2.8″ is almost a complete slick tire that will put the maximum amount of rubber down on asphalt and concrete for incredible traction. The smooth sidewall of the Prime 2.8” allows for controllable slides and burnouts on the street where normal treaded tires would cause the dreaded catch and flip.

These specific Prime 2.8″ tires come conveniently pre-mounted on the next generation 2.8” wheel design from Pro-Line, the Raid 2.8” Removable Hex Wheel. The wheels allow you to be able to easily change the offset of your wheel to fit different applications by simply changing out the hex. You can go from the included 12mm narrow offset to the included 12mm wide offset hexes quickly and easily. Also, imagine being able to replace a damaged wheel hex without needing to replace your glued tires and now you can even upgrade your wheels to 17mm wheel hexes. These new Raid 2.8″ wheels accomplish all of this and more by using Pro-Line’s unique 6×30 interlocking hex design that is secured to the wheel by six M3 screws that are spaced 30mm across. Given that we plan to run some serious power through this Slash build to achieve serious high speeds, we would add the Pro-Line 6×30 to 12mm Aluminum Hex Adapters (Narrow #6337-00 / Wide #6337-01) to replace the stock plastic hex adapters. The wide hex adapters would be used up front while the narrow would be installed in the rear. These super strong aluminum hex adapters are made from clear anodized aluminum that can harness massive amounts of power.

The Raid wheels feature a detailed 10-spoke design that recreates the latest in high performance full-size forged racing wheels with the strength and durability to match the bold look. Molded-in bead-loc detail only adds to the realism. This makes the Prime tires and Raid wheels one nice package.

Here is the list of Pro-Line parts that we used for the Slash Pavement Pounder build:
>> 1956 Ford F-100 Pro-Touring Street Truck (#3514-00)
>> Extended Front & Rear Body Mounts (#6070-00)
>> Prime 2.8” Street Tires Mounted (#10116-10)
>> 6×30 to 12mm Aluminum Hex Adapters (Narrow) (#6337-00)
>> 6×30 to 12mm Aluminum Hex Adapters (Wide) (#6337-01)


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