Saturday, May 25, 2024

Agama N1 Nitro Competition Buggy Kit Announced

This week the Agama N1 nitro competition buggy kit was announced and has some cool unique features.

Agama N1 Nitro Competition Buggy Kit Announced


After years of development Nemo Racing’s revolutionary design concept is finally realized with the production N1. Its unique suspension creates an incredibly low COG (Centre of Gravity) race car, while their engineering team’s years of experience has pushed them to ensure that not only is it fast, but it’s the easiest car to work on in its class. Lower COG makes the N1 more consistent to drive while being able to hold higher corner speeds than your average 1/8-scale buggy. It’s not just in the corners where the N1 excels, through bumps it stays very flat with less tendency to want to flip over and in the air the N1 flies very low and stable as its unique, clean aerodynamics have a tremendous effect, working the rear wing to maximum efficiency.

For more information, visit: NEMO RACING