Wednesday, November 29, 2023

AKA 1:8 Buggy Scribble Tires – New Release

Looks like AKA has another winner on its hands with the all-new AKA 1:8 Buggy Scribble tires. There is no doubt that their inception is based on the success of the 1:10 scale Scribble tires.

AKA 1:8 Buggy Scribble Tires


The 1:8 Buggy version of the Scribble tires continues the trend of great performance right out of the bag and superior wear characteristics compared with most “Bar Style” tire designs. The innovative Scribble tread supports the tread and the carcass at the same time, necessitating a new carcass design. This combination of the new carcass and the supportive Scribble tread pattern promotes even wear across the entire width of the tire. When a tire wears evenly, the performance is very consistent run after run.

AKA 1:8 Buggy Scribble Tires
The voids in the Scribble pattern allow it to grip through light dust that accumulates during a race.


AKA 1:8 Buggy Scribble TiresTesting of the 1:8 Scribble has shown it is at home on indoor tracks as well as hard pack, low dust outdoor tracks. Don’t let the tread patter fool you into thinking it’s only an indoor tire. The initial release of the 1:8 Scribble will be in Clay compound the week of April 6th, with other compounds to follow in the coming weeks.


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