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This article was originally published in RC Driver’s August 2016 issue.

Hi Tony!
I own the Pro-Line PRO-2 2 WD 1:10 Short Course Truck and would like to convert it to a mid-motor style. I do not want to do all the mods to the existing chassis that I see on YouTube. Can you recommend a mid-motor chassis that I could buy and move my parts over to? Thanks.
Robert M.  Burlingame, CA

Hey Robert-
As far as I know (and I did do a little snooping around), there isn’t a readyto- install midmotor conversion kit for Pro-Line’s PRO-2 SC Truck. What you saw on YouTube (as well as a few other how-tos around the interwebs) is going to be your best bet. With mid-motor becoming so popular, it’s not out of the question that someone will come out with one, it’s just not available yet. You could, however, purchase a second PRO-2 chassis from PL for around $60 – that way you could keep your old chassis around should you want to switch it back. If you decide to do the conversion yourself, send in a few pics and show us your handiwork! Good luck.

Hey Tony. I’m saving to get a Team Associated SC10 and heard that it was just a stretched B4 chassis with different parts. But I also heard they are not too good on rear traction. Is there any way I can get more traction? I don’t really want to spend billions on it but I can do mods and different setups just need some guidance on this one.
Ethan H.  Tauranga, New Zealand

Hey Ethan-
What you heard is correct – the SC10 uses a stretched B4 chassis as its backbone. Out of the box, the traction is pretty good. It uses a softer set of rear tires to accomplish this but, as with all race-bred trucks, you can dial in more or less grip into the suspension. If you’re willing to do some testing for the surface you are running on—assuming, of course, New Zealand dirt is the same as our dirt over here in the US—you can dial in as much traction as you need with different shock setups, rear toe, anti-squat, etc. The SC10 has seen many podiums from a wide range of drivers, so I’ll go out on a limb and say that you’ll do just fine with it.

Hey Tony. I put a Castle Creations Mamba X combo into my Traxxas Summit and a pair or Savox High Voltage steering servos. Will it hurt the shift servos to turn the BEC up to 7.4V?
William M.  West Newton, PA

Hi William-
The Traxxas Summit is a big truck – the CC Mamba X is going to give you plenty of power to move it around! You might want to make sure those tires are glued on nice and tight! As far as the BEC up to 7.4V, it should be fine. The shift servos are only activated for a very short time, probably only a second or two. This is only an assumption, though, since I’m not 100% sure how Traxxas has their whole system set up, so if you want a super duper forsure definitive answer, you might try contacting them. They’re customer service guys answer stuff like this 24/7, so they’ll know for sure.

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  1. Good day sir. I have a WL toys A959 that I am trying to modify to do 100 mph. I know that I want my system to be 3-4S cable with a 120A ESC, however, the motor is where things are getting tricky for me. Some recommend smaller kv and others recommend higher kv. What do you recommendation I do?

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