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Tamiya Bright Pink Metallic Neo Scorcher – TT02B

Tamiya - Bright Pink Metallic Neo Scorcher - TT02B copy

The Neo Scorcher is now available in Bright Pink Metallic. The TT-02B uses the TT-02 as a base, adding longer suspension arms, CVA shock units, and buggy bumpers to give it great off-road performance. It also includes a large wing to …

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Reedy Pro Silicone Wire Now Available on 30m Spools

Reedy - Pro Silicone Wire Now Available on 30m Spools copy

Reedy’s Pro Silicone 12- and 14-gauge wire is available in bulk on 30m spools. This wire was developed for the experienced racer who demands maximum power output, light weight, and flexibility. Ultra-thin strands of high-grade copper provide efficient current flow …

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MIP Bypass1 Team Tuned Kit for TLR 12mm 22 and 22 2.0 Shocks

MIP - Bypass1 Team Tuned Kit for TLR 12mm 22 and 22 2.0Shocks

This Team Tuned Bypass1 piston features a new design that provides much more initial pack and overall flow than its predecessor. The pack and flow equates to a car that packs like a normal piston but recovers much quicker and …

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Axial Yeti Rock Racer

Axial - Yeti Rock Racer copy

The Yeti Rock Racer is powered by a 3150kV 4-pole brushless motor which provides the perfect amount of torque and speed for this rock racing monster. The long can design provides a massive amount of power, especially when powered by …

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Kyosho DRX Subaru One1

Kyosho - DRX Subaru One1_1 copy

The DRX Subaru One1 utilizes Kyosho’s proven full-time 4WD drive train powered by an ORION KV2400 sensorless brushless motor and Vortex R10 Sports ESC equipped with a simple waterproofed structure and constant cooling fan. Just about everything you need is …

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TLR 22SCT 2.0 Short Course Truck

TLR - 22SCT 22

The 22SCT 2.0 comes loaded with updates and option parts that top of the line competitors are looking for.  It features a bellcrank-style steering linkage, an updated body, revised caster blocks and spindles, Gen II Big Bore Shocks, new adjustable …

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HPI/Hot Bodies D8T Tessmann Edition

Hot Bodies - D8T Tessmann Edition_1 copy

Ty Tessmann has been hard at work improving the D8T over the past couple of years, HPI is proud to announce the D8T Tessmann Edition truggy. With a huge number of racing tweaks to make it win at the highest …

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On The Move – Ryan Maifield Joins TLR!

Ryan_maifield_TLR (4)

A very short while back shock waves were felt through out the r/c racing community when it was announced that after 10-years together Ryan Maifield and Team Associated were going their separate ways.  Almost immediately people began asking the question, …

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MIP X-Duty CVD Rear Spline Drive Kit for the Vaterra Twin Hammers

MIP - X-Duty CVD Rear Spline Drive Kit for the Vaterra Twin Hammers copy

MIP engineers have coupled their infamous MIP CVD design with the Tank-like characteristics of the MIP X- Duty splined axles to make the first MIP Rear Center Shaft that is worthy to take your Twin Hammers experience to the next …

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STRC B5 and B5M Titanium Screws and Aluminum Lock Nut Weight Reduction Set

STRC - B5 and B5M Titanium Screws and Aluminum Lock Not Weight Reduction Set_2 copy

These high quality titanium screws are about half the weight of the steel screws and when it is combined with blue anodized aluminum lock-nuts, which are less than half the weight of their steel counter parts, it drastically reduce the …

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Kyosho - FO-XX VE_1 copy

The FO-XX from Kyosho features solid casings on the front and rear rigid axles with oil filled differentials, a scale looking body with integrated roll cage and molded rooftop, a rugged bumper with integrated headlight buckets that are LED compatible, …

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RDRP DEX410 HD Carbon Fiber Shock Towers

Revolution Design Racing Products - DEX410 HD Carbon Fibre Shock Towers (2) copy

Revolution Design Racing Products new shock towers for the Team Durango DEX410 feature an improved design making them less prone to break around the upper shock mounting holes, making them much more durable than the kit shock stays. Machined from …

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Trinity XL Titanium Lightweight LiPo Battery

TEP2110 2 copy

This 3400mAh, 80C Shorty Style LiPo from the minds over at Trinity weighs just 152 grams, making it lighter than many other packs. Because of this, you can better tune weight distribution of your vehicle to improve performance by adding …

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RPM Mock Intake and Blower Set

RPM - Mock Intake and Blower Set_1 copy

The RPM molded Intake and Blower Set is finely detailed with such finishing touches as blower belt ridges, pulley splines and recessed butterflies in the scoop. It simply to bolts on to almost any hood that is relatively flat by angling the …

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Vaterra Twin Hammers 4WD Rock Racer Kit

Vaterra - Twin Hammers 4WD Rock Racer Kit_5 copy

The first ever kit from Vaterra, the Twin Hammers 4WD Rock Racer Kit is here.  Needing to be built from the ground up, it comes with plenty of licensed and option parts including Interco TSL SX Super Swamper tires, two-stage …

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