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Basher RZ-4 RTR Review


Rally has been a steady segment of RC for 25 years, and manufacturers have done everything over the years in the 1/10-scale segment of RC. But often the vehicle works either on the dirt or on tarmac. Seldom can a vehicle conquer both types of terrain and still keep going. The HobbyKing Basher RZ-4 has been built like a tank to rule the rally track and take on any challenge you can throw at it.

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Save Big on Ten80 Race Rail Systems!


Ten80 has taken over production of the best portable RC racetrack for indoor and outdoor use. The new Ten80 Race Rail System is a professional-quality, lightweight RC competition track that is both portable and durable. Though National STEM League teams …

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Axial Yeti Score Review


Bashers and off-road racers across the globe have been waiting with zealous anticipation for Axial to release a trophy truck. Once the early videos of the new Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck hit the internet, that anticipation grew to a fever pitch. Building off of the original Yeti chassis and drivetrain, Axial took the design a step further with a fullblown Trophy Truck body that’s loaded with scale details.

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Putting the scale in a scaler- who’s driving?


We have a “crime” problem in the RC world today and I have to admit that I have committed this serious crime myself. What could this horrific act be? Posting videos of scale RC crawlers... with nobody driving them! What do you see when you look in the windows of your scaler? I hope it doesn’t look like mine.

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Sticker Tips & Tricks


The terms sticker and decal are used interchangeably these days. Here we are talking specifically about graphic designs and/or words that have an adhesive on one side with a backing paper that is peeled off before application.

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Race Ready Duratrax 835E Review


Duratrax certainly hit a home run when they released the 835 and 835E 1/8-scale buggies, these offer near race worthy performance at a budget price. While the buggies perform well against other similarly priced models, I often wondered if this buggy could make it out on the track against these purely race-bred vehicles.

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RCD Stuff


More Cool Stuff from the Editors of RC Drive Magazine: Nitro Stainless Screw Kit, Pit Tech Mini Car Stand, 4Mm Polarized Connectors, Prospec Shocks For 1/10-Scale Buggy. More

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