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TLR Brass Mid-Motor 35g Hinge Pin Brace for 22 Series Vehicles

TLR - Brass Mid-Motor 35g Hinge Pin Brace for 22 Series Vehicles copy

Add 35g of weight right where you need it, behind the motor but in front of the rear axles.  The result is increased traction and keeping a low center of gravity to improve handling. Ideal for all 22 series vehicles …

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More Axial Yeti Goodies From Hot Racing

yet38a01 copy

Don’t like stripping out the wheel hubs on your Yeti?  Hot Racing doesn’t either.  Thats why they are bringing you part YET10A06!  Hardened aluminum wheel hubs solve the greatest defect in the Yeti design and allow more bashing, more crawling, …

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On The Go? Check out the AKA Backpack and Cinch Sacks

AKA - Backpack and Cinch Sacks_2 copy

The AKA Backpack is constructed of durable, water-resistant nylon that is crafted with 3 main compartments and 16 auxiliary pockets. The rear compartment features a padded laptop sleeve while the center compartment can easily fit an 1:8 scale buggy. A …

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My RC Car Is Faster Than Yours!


Whether you want to admit it or not, most of us, racers, bashers, trail truck fans and everyone else involved in this great sport will talk some smack from time to time.  My car is faster, my car handles better, …

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Hobby Pro / PR RC SB401 4WD 1/10 Buggy

PR Racing - SB401_1 copy

PR Racing and Hobby Pro Distribution has been hard at work developing the SB401 4wd Competition Buggy. The motor can be mounted in the front when using saddle packs or toward the rear when using a shorty pack. It has …

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Serpent Spyder SCT RTR

Serpent - Spyder SCT RTR_2 copy

The RTR version of the Serpent Spyder SCT is loaded with features including spring steel transmission components, 12mm big bore shocks, hard composite shock towers, wide side guards long throw suspension arms, a narrow chassis and a gear diff.  As …

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Hot Racing Aluminum Transfer Case for the Axial Yeti

Hot_Racing_Yeti_Upgrade copy

As the Axial Yeti proves to be a groundbreaking advancement for rock crawlers and racers alike, Hot Racing has been hard at work in bringing you the some of the best hop up parts.  Always with an eye on sharp, …

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Dromida DB4.18 Desert Buggy and DT4.18 Desert Truck With LED Lights

Dromidia Desert Buggy and Truggy_1 copy

These small scale RTRs boast plenty of features including bright LEDs that look great and help with night time driving.  Additionally, they come standard with a waterproof electronics package, a 2.4GHz radio system, 1300mAh battery and charger, M370 sized motor …

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TLR 22 2.0 -2.5mm Lightweight Chassis

TLR - 22 2.0 -2.5mm Lightweight Chassis

Ideal for small, tight tracks, the 22 2.0 -2.5mm Lightweight Chassis features extensive machining to increase flex to improve traction and reduce weight.  Compatible with all other 22 2.0 components so you won’t need new side rails and such,  it …

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Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer

Axial - Wraith Spawn Rock Racer_1 copy

The Axial Wraith Spawn is packed with performance features AR60 OCP axles are ready take the Spawn through its paces whether blasting through the wide open desert or hammering its way through the toughest rock trails. The Ripsaw 2.2 tires …

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Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 2.8” Tires

Pro-Line - Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 2

Under official license from Interco Tire Corporation, the 2.8” TSL SX Super Swamper in now available in M2 compound. Compared to the highly successful Trencher 2.8” Tires the new TSL SX Super Swamper 2.8” Tires have more side bite while maintaining similar …

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Pro-Line 1:8 Trifecta Lexan Clear Wing

Pro-Line - 1-8 Trifecta Lexan Clear Wing_1 copy

The weight saving Trifecta Lexan Wing lowers your cars center of gravity resulting in faster corner speeds and reduces the chance of traction rolling when faced with high-bite track conditions. The 1:8 Trifecta Lexan wing features 3 strengthening ribs and 3 …

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Team Orion Vortex VST2 Pro 550 Motors

Team Orion - Vortex VST2 550 2P 4

Designed for Short Course Trucks, the VST2 Pro features the convenient dual sensor port system which allows the motor to be installed in your car in the best possible way. The empty port can be used to easily program your …

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Pro-Line Blockade 3.8″ (Traxxas Style Bead) All Terrain Tires

Pro-Line - Blockade 3.8 (Traxxas Style Bead) All Terrain Tires

Blockade 3.8” tires features row after row of large pins that grab the dirt, grass and gravel like no other MT tire. The racing heritage of the Blockade tire design shines through with massive forward bite, even on slippery dirt conditions, …

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Pro-Line Volkswagen Baja Bug Clear Body

Pro-Line - Volkswagen Baja Bug Clear Body_2 copy

Pro-Line is ready to transform your Axial Yeti into a True Desert Off-Roader with the Licensed Volkswagen Baja Bug Body. With excellent attention to detail, it features the iconic rounded roof and body lines that add strength and protection should …

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