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My RC Car Is Faster Than Yours!


Whether you want to admit it or not, most of us, racers, bashers, trail truck fans and everyone else involved in this great sport will talk some smack from time to time.  My car is faster, my car handles better, my paint job is flashier, and on, and on, and on…  Most of the time it is just for fun, friendly fodder so to speak.  Other times, one person can rub another the wrong way and things get out of hand leading to profanity where others on the outside of the situation get pulled in to deescalate the hot heads.

Then, I read this article – I’ll sum it up for you if you are too lazy (yes, I’m talking smack) to click on the link.  Two people in Memphis, TN got into an argument over who had a faster RC car.  The result, one person shot a gun, at the other!!!!  There was no direct hit (thankfully), and the only injuries reported were from shattered glass.  On a side note, I’d bet money that neither of the individuals involved has a car faster than the vehicles Nic Case uses!

OK, let me get this straight, someone shot a gun in the direction of another person over an argument over who had a faster TOY CAR!  Are you serious?  Yes, no matter what you spend, from $30 to $3,000, these are still toy cars at the end of the day. Completely repairable and replaceable should they get broken or destroyed. Human life, on the other hand, is way too precious to mess with.  Unless you are one of the “pros” who do this for a living, there is no need to get mad or upset if someone has a faster car.  That said, I’m fairly certain that if a “pro” finds someone at the track to be faster, or better, it is going to make them work harder, not pull out a firearm.

Remember folks, this is a hobby for the vast majority of people.  We have jobs, families, and way too much to lose if someone does something too stupid for words.

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