Sunday, December 10, 2023

Hot Racing Aluminum Transfer Case for the Axial Yeti

Hot_Racing_Yeti_Upgrade copy

As the Axial Yeti proves to be a groundbreaking advancement for rock crawlers and racers alike, Hot Racing has been hard at work in bringing you the some of the best hop up parts.  Always with an eye on sharp, clean looking hop ups, the new Aluminum Transfer Case for the Yeti provides increased durability, remarkable looks and precision engineering for direct fit replacement!

This new piece will guard against torsion flex when using the two speed transmission by installing YET38TC01 resulting in transmission gears last longer while your time having fun increases and the new shinny transfer case draws more attention from onlookers.  Beautiful black satin finish with silver laser etching make this an eye catching peace and the outstanding tolerances guarantee a proper fit!

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