Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Pro-Line 1:8 Trifecta Lexan Clear Wing

Pro-Line - 1-8 Trifecta Lexan Clear Wing_1 copy

The weight saving Trifecta Lexan Wing lowers your cars center of gravity resulting in faster corner speeds and reduces the chance of traction rolling when faced with high-bite track conditions. The 1:8 Trifecta Lexan wing features 3 strengthening ribs and 3 dimples that hang down on each side creating a “golf ball aerodynamic effect” under the wing for added down force and reduced high speed drag. A new center fin piece that adds more side stability to your car and strength around the mounting holes. The Trifecta Lexan Wing includes 2 optional wickerbills (Small & Large) that allow you to tune the performance and downforce of our liking. The wickerbill also adds strength across the whole back portion of the Wing, adding durability.

Pro-Line - 1-8 Trifecta Lexan Clear Wing_2 copy

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