Saturday, March 25, 2023

Greg Vogel

Will the Rallys Rise?

Drive a Rally

Last week Team Associated announced the upcoming release of the Qualifier Series ProRally 1/10-scale electric car. We’ve seen the chassis before on their ProLite short course truck, but the car has been fitted with some aggressive all-terrain tires, new bumpers …

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Today’s Randomness with Tony Phalen

What the?

OK Tamiya, why the black tube on the end of the motor shafts? You know the one that you need to grab and rip off the motor with your teeth!   Yes, Tony is on a roll today trying to …

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Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-T 3.0 Build Photo Gallery

8IGHT-T 3.0 Box

  While building our Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-T 3.0 competition race truggy, we photographed most of the steps so you can get an idea of the quality and design behind this popular 1/8-scale racer.   LINKS Team Losi Racing

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Prepping Carbon Fiber

Prep Carbon Fiber

  Carbon fiber is used on many RC cars for all types of things, from chassis to shock towers. The key benefit to carbon fiber is an excellent strength to weight ratio that makes it an ideal material for race …

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Project Stealth Rally: Part 1- The Collection

Project Stealth Rally

  Well look at this cool collection of parts we’ve gathered up! We’ve got the on-road/off-road bug biting us so what better to do than to build a cool rally car. The base of this project is actually a Slash …

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Project Ugly Truck: Part 5- It’s Alive!

Passenger Side

It took about a month to get Project Ugly Truck together in our spare time, but we did it, it’s done and it actually looks pretty cool. When we dug through a bin of parts and pulled out random pieces …

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Hy Traction Juice Shares National Autism Awareness Month

Hy Traction Autism Awareness SC

This hobby is made up of amazing men, women and most importantly, children and many times the sport brings families closer. That’s the case with the Conklin family. The Conklins are avid RC enthusiasts and the owners of Hy Traction …

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Grab some popcorn- Pro-Line’s Blockbuster is coming!

ProLine Blockbuster

  Just as we were packing up to head home for the day, Pro-Line slipped us this sneak peek of their new Blockbuster body for short course trucks. At first glance it appears like an angry armored truck, but we’re …

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Cheap trick to lower your truck

Street SC Truck

So let’s say you’ve got the urge to pound some pavement, but the only weapons in your arsenal are all purpose-built off-road vehicles. Tons of ground clearance and suspension travel certainly have their rightful place on any dirt track or …

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Testing the AKA Mule Rolling Gear Bag

AKA Mule Bag

The new AKA Mule Rolling Gear Bag arrived at the RC Driver offices to check out. We told Tony to pack up his RC equipment for the weekend to test it. He said the bag was so big he could …

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Project Ugly Truck: Part 4- Chassis build complete

Project Ugly Beauty Shot

What started off as a build deemed Ugly Truck because of the use of random parts of varying colors has actually grown on us. We think it’s looking pretty good and whoever we give it away to will most likely …

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Pro-Line Dodge Ram Pick-Up for SC Trucks around the corner?

PL Dodge Body

  Pro-Line leaked this photo to us about an upcoming release scheduled for sometime this April and the first thing we noticed was the Dodge Ram logo. This probably means Team PL nabbed the Dodge license and is adding it …

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RC Driver Donut Day Disaster

RCD Donut Day

  Every Friday morning the office staff gets together for a company meeting. The RC Driver staff actually loves these meetings because there are often yummy treats involved. But over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed a trend that is …

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TrakPower TK60 Solder Iron and Accessories

TrakPower Budget Set-up

Soldering is one of those tasks in the RC hobby that you will have to encounter sooner or later. Soldering is when one metal, like what wire is made up of, is joined to another metal, such as a motor tab …

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What’s your Dynamite Reaction?

Dynamite 80C Reaction LiPo

  For every action ready vehicle, there’s a Dynamite Reaction battery ready to supply the power. Dynamite’s new 80C Reaction hard case LiPo battery packs really caught our eye with their bright blue cases and big power rating. These batteries …

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