Monday, June 27, 2022
Traxxas New For 2022

Greg Vogel

How to Keep Track of RC Shock Collar Height

Shock collar tracking mark

  Have you ever seen someone on the driver’s stand yell down to their pit guy and tell them to adjust shock collar height? If you are a hardcore racer, you probably noticed it happen. But then you may have …

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VG Racing LCG Slash and Rally 4×4 Chassis Brace

VG Racing Slash 4x4 Brace

VGRacing is well known for making roll cages for just about every available RC vehicle on the market and my first exposure to their products was when I used one of their roll cages on my project 4×4 Stampede. At …

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The real reason why tool handles are hollow

RCD Smartie Tools

We think this photo speaks for itself…

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Install STRC upgrades on the Axial SCX10 Rubicon

SCX10 Rubicon

The Axial SCX10 platform comes with a variety of bodies to fit the tastes of trail truck adventurers. But the ability for drivers to customize and make the machines their own doesn’t stop there. Many modify their trucks with modeling …

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