Sunday, April 21, 2024

Greg Vogel

Pro-Line Dodge Ram Pick-Up for SC Trucks around the corner?

PL Dodge Body

  Pro-Line leaked this photo to us about an upcoming release scheduled for sometime this April and the first thing we noticed was the Dodge Ram logo. This probably means Team PL nabbed the Dodge license and is adding it …

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RC Driver Donut Day Disaster

RCD Donut Day

  Every Friday morning the office staff gets together for a company meeting. The RC Driver staff actually loves these meetings because there are often yummy treats involved. But over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed a trend that is …

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TrakPower TK60 Solder Iron and Accessories

TrakPower Budget Set-up

Soldering is one of those tasks in the RC hobby that you will have to encounter sooner or later. Soldering is when one metal, like what wire is made up of, is joined to another metal, such as a motor tab …

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What’s your Dynamite Reaction?

Dynamite 80C Reaction LiPo

  For every action ready vehicle, there’s a Dynamite Reaction battery ready to supply the power. Dynamite’s new 80C Reaction hard case LiPo battery packs really caught our eye with their bright blue cases and big power rating. These batteries …

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Project Ugly Truck: Part 3- The Business End

Rear End Assembly

Congratulations, you made it to part three of our Ugly Truck project build and we’re now building the business end of the truck, the transmission and suspension. Once again we’ll be bolting on a miss-mash of parts we found in …

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PROTOform Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners

PROTOform TC Body Stiffeners

Many touring car drivers have experienced the dreaded body tuck. It will kill your lap time while a marshal pulls the body out or the body can gouge your tire when tucked. Well don’t let the dreaded tuck ever happen …

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Robinson Racing Products Slash Stampede 4×4 Steel Spur Gears

RRP Slash Stampede 4x4 Gears

Looking for a steel gear option for your Slash or Stampede 4×4? Then you just stumbled on the right news post. Robinson Racing Products have developed precision machined steel spurs for these popular Traxxas vehicles. The spurs are blackened steel …

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Phone Bumper

Phone Bumper

Greg left his cell phone on his desk when he went into a meeting and when he came back, found that Tony had upgraded it with a stick-on foam bumper. There is now a short course truck in the office …

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Axial SCX10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition

Axial Jeep C/R Edition SCX10

    We saw the delivery man outside of our offices stacking boxes to be brought in when we spotted one particular box with green packing tape. Green packing tape means one thing, a new Axial vehicle has arrived, so …

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ECX Torment 4×4 Short Course Truck

ECX Torment 4x4 Box Art

Look what’s here ECX fans, we got our hands on the new Torment 4×4 1/10 electric short course truck that comes completely ready to run and we broke into the box to give you this RCD Reveal! At first glance, …

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Pro-Line offers Free Shipping for April

  Pro-Line sent word that all Domestic orders will be shipped free for the month of April. Time to order up! Perhaps a Pro2 Short Course Truck kit with buggy conversion? Or maybe an Apocalypse body and Rock Rage tires… …

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Helion Brushless Dominus 10SC V2

Dominus 10SC V2 Body On

Helion is a company on the move in the RC World and they are releasing some pretty exciting products through Hobbytown USA’s all over the country. If you haven’t made your weekly trip to Hobbytown USA, we suggest you do …

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Get a Grip with AKA EVO Deja Vu and Pinstripe Tires

AKA Deja Vu and Pinstripe Tires

Racers look what AKA has added to their competition line-up; the 1:10 EVO Déjà Vu and Pinstripe buggy tires. The Déjà vu is a “bar” rear tire for both indoor clay and outdoor hard packed tracks. The taller tread pattern …

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Project Ugly Truck Part 2- Front End Frenzy

The Ugly Truck Front End

Last week we announced the start of Project Ugly Truck (UT), the truck being built from a box of extra Traxxas components we’ve gathered over the years. We unearthed a lot of cool parts from the bin, but they don’t …

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Get Traction Try TLR Grooved Slipper Plates

TLR Grooved Slipper

Check this out 22 and XXX based vehicle owners, Team Losi Racing just told us about a new option part you’re probably going to want to pick up. The new Grooved Slipper Plates feature machined grooves and that “scrape” any …

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