Monday, April 22, 2024

Axial Base Camp SCX10III Builders Kit

Thank you Axial for the new SCX10III Base Camp Builder Kit found here: https://bit.ly/43yhjwJ Many have wanted the exciting Base Camp in buildup form so we can assemble it to our specs and outfit it with the equipment we want. But it’s not just an unassembled Base Camp, Axial made some changes and that’s what Greg is going to go over in this video. Plus, he’ll give you an idea of what you need for support gear, and he takes his BaseBolt creation out for a drive!

Axial SCX10II Base Camp Builders Kit
By: Horizon Hobby
Type: 1/10 4×4 Scale Truck
Kit Style: Build Kit
Part No.: AXI03011
Price: $269.99
BUY: https://bit.ly/43yhjwJ
You’ll need: 2-channel radio, servo, micro servo, ESC, Motor, Wheels, Tires, Paint, Body, Battery & Charger
Visit: https://bit.ly/43Yi0iE
Spektrum Rugged DX5 Radio- https://bit.ly/3NwUwff
Spektrum Brushless System- https://bit.ly/441X3mV
Spektrum 3S 1300mAh Battery- https://bit.ly/3PfLBjl
Reefs Raw 500 Servo- https://bit.ly/43ZguNe
Reefs 99 Micro- https://bit.ly/3NunRqD
ProLine KM3 tires- https://bit.ly/3PiPcNJ
ProLine Carbine Wheels- https://bit.ly/3P9z0ym

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