Thursday, June 20, 2024

Losi ProMoto MX RC Dirtbike

Epic release alert! This is the new Losi ProMoto MX Motocross Bike found here: https://bit.ly/44fbUue Since the beginning of RC, people have wanted an RC motorcycle and there have been many attempts, but none like this! This one works, in fact it’s almost scary how well it works. It’s a true off-road dirt bike loaded with features and tech that will blow your mind. Greg will show you the guts of the bike in one of his famous tear-downs and afterwards takes it out for fun in a dirt lot, a parking lot and the BMX track! This is one product and video you cannot miss if you’re interested in an radio control electric motorcycle.

Losi ProMotoMX
By: Horizon Hobby
Type: ¼ Electric Motocross Bike
Kit Style: Ready To Run
Part No.: LOS06002
Price: $599.99
BUY At Horizon: https://bit.ly/44fbUue
BUY At Tower: https://bit.ly/3plQA7J
You’ll need: Just a place to run!
Visit: https://bit.ly/3Pqc7ql

SHOP AT HORIZON HOBBY: https://bit.ly/3NBDF7y

Deals at Horizon Hobbies- https://bit.ly/3NhLkKu

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