Saturday, March 2, 2024

Be an RC Driver Magazine Duratrax Tire Reviewer!


We need your help to test all of these Duratrax 1/8 Off-Road Buggy Tires. Duratrax offers a wide range of tires and compounds great for all types of buggy use. Go over to duratrax.com and find your favorite style of tire, the one you’d be best at testing for us. Then in the comments section below, tell us the type of tire you like and give us one sentence on why you think you’d be the best person to test them. We’ll go through the comments and select who we think would be the best tire tester for the tires we have on hand. We’ll contact and send the select testers the tires of their choice for testing. All they have to do is install the tires on their buggy, take a photo, try them out and write a few sentences on how they performed. We’ll collect all of the reports and post them here on rcdriver.com for everyone to see.



  1. Six Pack and or picket Short Course cuz they both fit my driving and bashing style verse the factory tires are on on SCT and slash and I would love to be able to take a step toward a aftermarket better quality tire

  2. i own a local track in haut-lameque new-Brunswick canada and its 75% clay and 25% sand section…….
    i own a losi 8ight buggy 2.0 and i think i can do a good test for you on the track with great picture……
    i dont know where i can send picture of the track and the buggy in action ……….. just let me know and and i will send you great picture and great comment on your product ……… i alreay use pro line caliber m3 who work perfect and city block …………. so i can try yours and tell you the differences …..

  3. Spurz tyres, race on the only grass/astro track in the north of the uk which would give the tyre a good work out

  4. I’ve been running the Persuader indoors for a while now, both 1/8 & 1/10. Great tire, very affordable & have cool bling sidewall writing.

  5. I am a colorado racer, so we race on a lot of different surfaces at on track from silt to hard pack, my car is a 8.2e I would like to try these for you.

  6. Hello RC Driver I am a driver who travels to different tracks and is willing to help anyone and would run the line up on my 8ight 2.0.

  7. I would love to help RC driver review tires, I would use c3 line ups on my buggy and test them on different track surceases

  8. I would choose the 1/8th LOCKUP tire. As for why? Well I live in Alaska and I need a Tire that can hold up to the terrain I run in without fail and I think the Lockup Tire could do that.

  9. Having time to spare with DTCX3585 tires on my E-revo Brushless Edition, I would test the tires on the street, beach, mud, grass, trails, jumping, construction sites and the outdoor track in my local hobby store.

  10. I race in Australia at the cormcc race track. were we race every 2 weeks .the track surface can change from a very loose wet clay track to an amazing blue groove in the 1 meet. All pending on the weather and number of drivers.
    I currently run 2 brands of tyres , first choice is the aka gridiron in th medium, 2nd is a cheaper option a luisie pirate .
    both work well on my serpent811t-te at my home track.
    Im all ways keen to try out different tyre options.
    Thanks from oz

  11. I race in Southern California and my local track is loose and very abrasive, so this would be perfect to test tire wear. I think the Dinero 1/8 tires would be perfect at my track.

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