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Blaze DK4 1/9 4WD Desert Rally: Dual-Purpose Racer

Just announced is the Blaze DK4 1/9 4WD Desert Rally vehicle. What makes this car extra special is that Blaze designed the DK4 as a dual-purpose vehicle which can be easily changed between an off-road buggy and a rally car by changing a few parts.

The high-quality, pro-level Blaze DK4 comes pre-assembled with all of its composite parts being made by the renowned RC vehicle manufacturer, XRAY, combined with other premium materials. The DK4 includes two bodies, one for the buggy setup and one for the rally setup.


Blaze DK4 1/9 4WD Desert Rally: Dual-Purpose Racer
Item no. BRC 170031 – DK4 1/9 4WD Desert Rally (pre-assembled) – Chassis Kit



  1. Multi-Flex Chassis: Multi-Flex adjustment is a tuning of chassis flex for different track conditions. Through the muti-flex screws, it is hassle-free to adjust the chassis flex to suit track conditions.
  2. Chassis Weight Balance: Chassis design is for easy weight balance adjustment. Motor is possible to move either frontwards or rearwards.
  3. Chassis Brace: Chassis brace is made of high-quality nylon material. It is for strengthen up /reinforce the rear of the car and generates more rigidity and stability. If graphite chassis brace is used, the composite rear lower brace is a must to be removed.
  4. Electronics Plate: The special electronic plate can be installed in advance with the ESC and the receiver, which makes it easier to assemble, disassemble and replace the electronic parts.
  5. Bulkheads: Both Front and Rear bulkheads are made of high-quality carbon-mixed nylon and using quick-release design. It is just simply dismounted 4 screws only for diff exchange. Bulkheads are not essential to dismantle entirely.
  6. Central Bulkhead & Motor Bulkhead: The motor mount is machined by 6061T6 aluminum alloy CNC. The graphite central upper deck keeps ball-bearings in the motor mount and bulkhead assembly, together the low center gravity design (the central bulkhead is lower). It is effectively improving the stability of the car body.
  7. Upper Decks: DK4 does not have a long upper deck across from the front to rear. But, its front, central, and rear upper decks are separately which independent from chassis flex adjustment. It is working only as part of the front, central, and rear diff assemblies.
  8. Servo Mount: Servo Mount holder is machined by 6061T6 aluminum alloy CNC. Together with the Graphite Servo Mount, the servo can be suspended and installed but touching less the chassis plate. It is preventing the unwanted chassis tweak and reduces the interference caused by the servo on the car.
  9. Drivetrain: DK4 4WD Desert Rally uses the traditional shaft-driven system. The whole car has three differentials, and the viscosity of the differential oil is adjustable. The front, central and rear (totally 6) CVD shafts are machined and made of S2 material. The internal ratio of the drive train is 1:2.5Blaze DK4 1/9 4WD Desert Rally: Dual-Purpose Racer
  10. Diff Outdrive: The lightweight diff outdrives are made of S2 material. Its unique alloy features are able to protect the transmission system and also greatly improve the durability for the car under high-intensity operation.
  11. Turnbuckles: All turnbuckles are made from S2 material with precision machining. The length is 50mm.
  12. Central Differential “The central differential is used a split-type design. It is not necessary to disassemble the differential when replacing the spur gears. Spur gears are available in 81T and 84T. It is recommended to use on clay and low-grip tracks.
  13. Spur Gears: This high-quality gear is rugged enough to handle high performance brushless motors. The gears are designed to be as light as possible while remaining strong and lightweight.
  14. Alu Eccentric Motor Bulkhead Insert: The eccentric mounting plate is machined by 6061T6 aluminum alloy CNC. The motor is directly mounted on the eccentric mounting plate and then mounted on the motor holder. The special eccentric design makes it possible to change the gear spacing between the spur gear of the motor gear as long as the eccentric motor bulkhead insert is rotated. It is also easy to replace the motor gear as eccentric motor bulkhead insert is designed with a groove for the penetration of the screwdriver.
  15. Motor Mount Assembly: The motor mount can adjust the weight balance by adjustment of the motor position either placing frontwards or rearwards.
  16. Wheelbase Adjustment: It is simple and easy for wheelbase adjustment by changing the position of the 2mm shims. Both front and rear suspension arms can be moved either forward or rearward to adjust weight balance. When the arms are moving to the Front, the balance and weight of the car will transfer/move to the Rear. Conversely, when the arms are moving to the Rear, the balance and weight of the car then will transfer/move to the Front.
  17. Eccentric Bushing Set: By changing or using different eccentric bushings, suspension arm can be well adjusted its front & rear toe-in, front & rear roll-center, wheelbase, caster, camber etc. and other geometric structures.
  18. Steering Blocks: The steering bushing of the steering block has different length. 7.4mm (Long) and 5.6mm (Short) respectively. By changing the steering bushing, it is easy for lower roll center adjustment and higher roll center adjustment of the front wheel.
  19. Caster Blocks: XRAY original composite parts, the non-adjustable caster angle is preset to 9°. By using different thickness of shims, caster hardness and caster angle can easily to adjust the Roll center position.
  20. Front and Rear Shock Towers Both front and rear shock towers are designed with a porous adjustment and made of high-quality carbon fiber CNC. The front shock tower has a thickness of 3.5mm and the rear shock towers has a thickness of 3.0mm. Mounting holes are pre-set on the body post in advance.
  21. Shocks: Shocks are using oil-gas hybrid design. The shock body is made of 6061T6 aluminum alloy CNC, for high hardness and high smoothness. It reduces the friction between the piston and the shock body.
  22. Shock Pistons: White nylon Shock pistons are produced by Xray factory originally. It is made from Delrin and molded using super precise molds. There are several types of pistons included with different holes and diameters for precise shock adjustments.
  23. Shock Springs: The Front and Rear springs are available in 4 different harnesses for selections. Red (Soft), Silver (Medium), Yellow (Hard), Blue (Super Hard).Blaze DK4 1/9 4WD Desert Rally: Dual-Purpose Racer
  24. Anti-roll Bars: The torsion-type anti-roll bar is made of S2 elastic alloy which used to stabilize the front and rear ends of the cars. Both front and rear anti-roll bar are the same design. Anti-roll bars with different diameters can be replaced for fine-tuning.
  25. Wheel Hubs: The 12mm hexagonal wheel hubs is machined from 6061T6 aluminum alloy CNC and also has various offset lengths for track-width adjustment. For those larger offset length, it is using a lightweight design.
  26. Battery Strap: Battery straps are available in two lengths. Long Strap and X-Long Strap. By using the X-long battery strap, the battery pack can be move either frontwards or rearwards. It is achieved to adjust the car weight balance.
  27. Body Seal : To improve protection against dust, Velcro double-sided tape is included to ensure a perfect seal of the body to the side guards. It is reducing the sand and gravel entering inside the car body.
  28. Driveshafts: DK4 CVD (Drive Shafts) are made of S2 material precision machining. The S2 material can effectively protect the drivetrain and achieve higher strength.
  29. Suspension Holder: All aluminum suspension holders in DK4 is made of 6061T6 aluminum alloy CNC, with a thickness of 5mm which allows for super-fast, easy and comfortable suspension geometry setting.
  30. Steering System: DK4 is equipped with a steering protection system. It is protecting the steering structure and steering gear, also increasing the durability of the steering system.
  31. Off-Road Body: DK4 includes a new designed body. With this body, DK4 is able to increase its steering & stability while also improving handling in jumps.
  32. Rally Body: This new Rally body is specially designed for DK4. The custom design for the front and rear shock mounts, it is perfectly fitted with this Rally body.
  33. Wheels: This wheel is specially designed in a bigger diameter with unique tire materials. It is being ultra-durable to withstand impacts and still maximum performance.

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