Saturday, March 2, 2024

Build Your Monster Truck – Axial SMT10 Raw Builders Kit

The crew at Axial Racing excited crawler fans a while back with an SCX10 II Raw Builders kit, where builders could assemble and outfit the rig with parts they wanted versus what was included in an RTR. Well it looks like Axial is expanding on that concept and is now offering the SMT10 Monster Truck Raw Builders Kit. This will allow RC Monster Truck fans to outfit the truck with the body, wheels, tires and electronics of their choice. The 1/10 scale Monster Truck RAW Builder’s Kit is centered on the SMT10™ tube frame 4WD chassis, which was developed for maximum bashing strength and an extremely detailed appearance. It’s very similar to those used in full-size monster trucks. That’s why the chassis excels at hard-core action over grass, gravel, pavement and asphalt tracks.The AX10™ transmission included with the SMT10™ Monster Truck RAW Builder’s Kit is designed to make the most of your motor’s power. Its Dual Pad slipper system features a pad on each side of the spur gear to increase surface area, resulting in improved tuning precision and holding ability. Strong 32-pitch gearing enhances performance in high-torque applications.

Axial SMT10 Raw Builders Kit

Needed to Complete
Radio system
Electronic Speed Control
Wheels and Tires
Battery Charger

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