Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Carten T410 Rally Car 1/10-Scale Kit

Another player is entering the hot rally scene. Here is the Carten T410 Rally car 1/10-scale kit with loads of detail pics of the chassis.

Carten T410 Rally Car 1/10-scale Kit


Following are some of the preliminary details about the Carten T410 rally car kit. The chassis was designed to handle the intense driving that comes with rallying. A bathtub style chassis along with Lexan cover will help keep the chassis clear from dirt and debris. On the underside of the chassis at the front and rear is an aluminum chassis plate for increased durability. The front 7-degree kick back design will make the T410 more stable when running on bumpy sections of a track. Carten also gave it aluminum C hubs, full CVDs and aluminum shocks (67mm fronts / 77mm rears).

Carten T410 Rally Car 1/10-scale Kit


For more information, visit: CARTEN