Thursday, June 20, 2024

Deep Snow No Go

From RC Driver Issue: 135

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Hi Tony, What is best in deep snow; 4WD with paddles (or tracks) or 2WD with skis & paddles (or tracks)? Also, are you going to print a 5B motor rebuild article?
William M. West Newton, PA


Hi William, We have plans on printing a 5B (large scale) motor rebuild article, but we aren’t going to do it solo. While we are capable of putting together a good article, we’ve decided to work with one of the best motor builders in the industry just to make sure we get our facts straight! Since you’ve mentioned the large scale engine rebuild, I’m assuming the first part of your question also has to do with 1/5-scale. While both 2WD and 4WD outfitted with paddles, tracks or skis will work ok in light/ packed snow, the problem with ‘deep’ snow is the weight of the vehicles. No matter what you have on all four corners, the vehicles are going to sink (or get high- centered). I’ve played with both my Baja (skis up front, paddles in the back) and 5IVE-T (paddles all the way around) in the snow and have to say that both are pretty fun. Just make sure you waterproof your ride or you could end up chasing it across thefields!

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  1. I heard in may snow in the north this week end so this post seemed appropriate

  2. Thank you for answering our questions, On the HPI 5B/Losi 5T motor rebuild could you do a 3 part, 1= As a budget & necessary for durability as a basher, 2= As the best bang for the buck upgrades necessary for racing for the average person, & 3= As a over the top build ?
    Or better yet come out with a special gas burners issue.
    What is the best rig for deep snow ? After I saw a slash hydroplane with paddles & read about your slash 4×4 / E-Buggy conversion I built a 4×4 slash / buggy conversion with paddles for snow but we have not had enough snow since I built it to try it. Next year I will be ready.
    Or better yet come out with a special issue for gas burners.

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