Friday, July 19, 2024

EcoPower 2022 Servo Line Is Now Available

The EcoPower 2022 servo line is now available. EcoPower delivers the most cost-efficient servo options for cars, trucks, airplanes and boats.

EcoPower 2022 Servo Line Is Now Available


Versatility, durability, reliability, and at a great price: that’s the easiest and most succinct way to describe the 2022 line of EcoPower servos. From rock crawling to racing to bashing to drifting to flying or boating, the eight servo EcoPower lineup provides a low-cost, high-quality metal gear option for every application in the RC industry. And all EcoPower servos are backed by a 1-year warranty! The entire EcoPower servo line is now available at your local retail hobby shop and at AMainHobbies.com

The cost-efficient EcoPower line is excellent for upgrading stock servos in RTR kits or replacing broken servos in your existing vehicles, boats, or airplanes. The EcoPower servo lineup provides many waterproof options and most of the line is developed with quality metal gearing to deliver speed, torque, and reliability.

For more information and a full description of the entire of the EcoPower servo lineup, go to the EcoPower page at AMainHobbies.com: https://www.amainhobbies.com/ecopower-rc-servos-motors-batteries-chargers/b794

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