Friday, July 19, 2024

EcoPower Micro Servos For SCX24 Platform

Announced today are the new EcoPower Micro Servos for SCX24 platform…innovative, hi-torque and waterproof.

EcoPower Micro Servos For SCX24 Platform

EcoPower is proud to release the industry first direct mount micro servos for the Axial SCX24 platform. These high-torque waterproof servos include an innovative direct axle mount as well as aluminum servo horns, making it easy and cost-effective to just mount and drive.

EcoPower Micro Servos For SCX24 Platform

ECP-173-X24 Micro Servo

The ECP-173-X24 is the ultimate upgrade for the Axial SCX24 with an astonishing capability of 173oz.in (12.5Kg-CM) of torque and 0.07 sec/60 of speed at 8.4 volts to turn even the heaviest micro rig wheels smoothly, precisely, and with ease! Backed by a 1-year warranty, the ECP-173-X24 direct mount waterproof servo features a CNC-machined aluminum case and servo horn as well as metal gears and output shaft spline. For a complete look at the ECP-173-X24, which retails for $54.99, click the link here: https://www.amainhobbies.com/ecopower-wp173x24-aluminum-digital-micro-servo-direct-fit-for-axial-scx24-hv-ecp-173-x24/p1541535

ECP-827-X24 Micro Servo

EcoPower Micro Servos For SCX24 PlatformThe ECP-827-X24 micro servo also is an excellent direct mount upgrade for the Axial SCX24 platform, but at a retail price point of only $19.99 with the industry-leading 1-year warranty. Featuring enhanced high torque and output speed and all metal gears and output shaft, the waterproof ECP-827-X24 also includes the innovative direct axle mount and a CNC-machined aluminum servo horn with mounting holes. For more information on the ECP-827-X24, click the link here: https://www.amainhobbies.com/ecopower-wp827x24-metal-gear-micro-servo-direct-fit-for-axial-scx24-hv-ecp-827-x24/p1554467

Note: Both the ECP-173-X24 and ECP-827-X24 will directly mount onto all Axial SCX24 vehicles except the SCX24 Deadbolt.

These two new pioneering micro servos are now available at your local hobby store or online at AMainHobbies.com.