Thursday, June 20, 2024

ECX Torment 4×4 Short Course Truck

ECX Torment 4x4 Box Art

Look what’s here ECX fans, we got our hands on the new Torment 4×4 1/10 electric short course truck that comes completely ready to run and we broke into the box to give you this RCD Reveal! At first glance, the truck has some pretty exciting features, great build quality and a very cool look with its wild graphics. Things that stood out as we inspected the truck were its shaft drivetrain with aluminum center shaft and spinning gear diffs with steel ring and pinion gears. The front suspension has an interesting king-pin pivot steering knuckle design and the rear arms are H-style. Oil filled shocks damp the suspension and the hinge pin plates are aluminum which is great for durability. The molded tub chassis seems pretty strong and an upper brace that runs most of the length of the chassis adds to that, but removing the brace to show off the diffs and slipper required a lot of screws to be removed. But back to the good stuff, the kit comes with a Spektrum DX2E radio which is a great unit for an RTR and the electronics including the 8.4V NiMh battery pack and charger are from Dynamite. Our inspection concluded that this should be an awesome RTR truck for the driver who is looking to have a lot of fun with a SC machine. Check out our photos for more details.


Manufacturer- ECX
Product- Torment 4×4 Brushed
Class- 1/10 Short Course Truck
Who is it for: Entry-level to intermediate
Power system- Electric
Kit Type- RTR
What’s in the box- Assembled truck with body painted and electronics installed, 2-channel Spektrum radio, Dyamite 7-cell NiMh battery with EC3-plug, Dynamite 1-hour charger, 4 AA Batteries and manual
Needed to complete- None
Water Resistant- Yes
Part No.- ECX03013
Price- $240



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  1. I believe the spur and pinion are Mod1 right? Great for upgrading along with the metal diff’s and driveshaft.

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