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Axial SCX10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition


Axial Jeep  C/R Edition SCX10
The box art for Axial’s products gets any true off-roader pumped to run outdoors.


We saw the delivery man outside of our offices stacking boxes to be brought in when we spotted one particular box with green packing tape. Green packing tape means one thing, a new Axial vehicle has arrived, so we ran out the door an snatched it off his cart as if it was a game of Jenga. We went right to the studio and opened the box to find the new 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition SCX10. Then we dipped into the cool Axial packaging to shoot some reveal photos and take a closer look.

Axial's AX-3 Radio and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
Get familiar, this is all you need for an awesome outdoor adventure.
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Side Shot
Axial’s 4-door Jeep Wrangler body comes painted and detailed just as you see it. Great detail and gets you out into the action quicker.
IMG_6785Axial Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Driver's Side
The Rigid LED Light Bar and Poison Spyder Crusher Flares give the Jeep an awesome customized look. Axial gets serious credit for spending the time an effort to get replica parts licensed from the manufacturer of the real products.
Trail Ready
Go on admit it, seeing this view on the trail means one thing, pure fun!
Jeep Front Bumper
The licensed Poison Spyder Rock Brawler front bumper is a replica of the real version that helps the truck tackle the terrain in front of it.
Spare Tire Mount
A spinner secures the useable rear tire to the swing away mount. G6er’s always need a spare on a Parker trail.
Spare Tire Carrier Swung Open
Remove two clips and the rear tire swings away from the Poison Spyder Rock Brawler Bumper.
Rigid Light Bar
Rigid is ruling the full scale off-road world with their LED light bars and Axial captured the authenticity of their roof light bar and A-pillar lights on the C/R. Our only gripe is the wires chillin’ behind the bar detracts from the look a little bit.
Wired LED's
The LED’s come prewired from the factory. You gotta love plug and play.
LED Light Control
The LED light control box is mounted to the body with screws. Nice work Axial; way better than 2-side tape which other light modules use for securing.
SCX10 Chassis Bottom
Check out the 4-link suspension set-up and WB8 center drive axle set; great proven gear that we know can handle the off-road abuse this truck will see.
Overhead Chassis Layout
The SCX10 layout has been through slight variations over the years, but the cool factor remains untouched, the steel C-channel frame.
ESC and Radio Box
Axial includes their AE-2 ESC with drag brake and the 3-channel receiver is located in the radio box right in front.
Tactic Metal Gear Servo
Props goes to Axial for bolting on a metal gear 151 oz-in Tactic servo to take care of the steering duties. This servo has plenty of turning power.
Battery Tray
Well, you do need a battery and charger for the truck, but luckily the battery is easy to install by securing it with these Velcro straps.
Brushed Motor
A 27-Turn brushed motor has plenty of power; more than true scale speed. This motor can take a lot of the elements, water, mud, grass, cotton candy…
Wheel and Tire
Replica CRC wheels look great in murdered out black. Wrapped around the rims are BFGoodrich Krawler T/A 1.9 tires in a soft rubber compound.
AX-3 Radio System
Axial’s AX-3 Radio system is 2.4GHz and features basic trim controls. This radio is comfortable and stylish too!
Manual, decals and deals
A manual is included wit the kit along with an extra set of decals to customize your ride. Oh and look! A subscription deal for RC Driver Magazine because you bought this sweet Axial kit.
There is a large bag of extras included with the kit and some rock markers. We’re going to need more of those…

After our inspection of the kit, we found the build was top notch, but we did find a loose motor wire. It took three seconds to plug it in securely. We’re really excited to see Axial’s new off-road offering with so many licensed scale parts already bolted on to it. If you are looking for an exciting scale adventure trail truck, than you either need to get this truck or find out more in the upcoming review of the Axial SCX10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition in RC Driver Magazine!


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  1. So they came out with new tires and light kit and that’s it. Come out with metal bumpers that are different.

  2. Hi.guys.
    Absolutely love my new axial scx 10.this is by far more superior to all els I have looked at.
    Thanks for a truly wonderful product.
    However, it would’ve been nice if the left the extra pcs of plastic for the light buckets in the box.rtr.

    I love my ride.
    I would recommend to everyone that wants to scale.

    J out.

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