Monday, April 22, 2024

Gas Up And Blast Off! – Losi Monster Truck XL Action

It was one of those days. There was a ton of work to do on our schedule and, well, it just felt like a go have fun day instead. A quick look around the shop and it was clear that our Losi Monster Truck XL had been neglected by not being run since before last winter. We couldn’t just leave that poor truck sitting there any longer. The receiver battery was thrown on charge while we packed the car and mixed up a fresh can of 2-stroke gash. Then it was a 45-minute trip to Wolcott Hobby and Raceway in Connecticut where they have a ⅛-off-road race track. But we weren’t going to drive there, because outback they have their own personal motocross track. The motocross track was the perfect playground for the Losi Monster Truck XL. It didn’t help that the temperature was 95 degrees out, but we manned up and ripped on the MT XL in front of the camera for a few tanks and even nabbed some drone footage of our play day.

Vehicle: Monster Truck XL
By: Losi by Horizon Hobby
Part Number: LOS05009T2
Price: $1299.99
Link to buy: http://amzn.to/2soc590

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