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Get FREE STUFF When You Buy An Onyx Brushless System

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More power, greater efficiency, exceptional speeds, longer component life and less maintenance — these are all terrific reasons for going brushless with Onyx systems. And when modelers purchase one through February 28, 2015, they’ll have one more great reason: a certificate worth up to $25 towards quality R/C merchandise from over 35 top brands! These systems are ideal for powering 1/8 and 1/10 scale kits, or for upgrading RTRs. There are even systems that feature 4-pole motors designed for short-course trucks. Drivers that buy any of these super systems today will soon be making a retur n trip to their participating hobby shop for free merchandise!
These systems qualify for a $25 Merchandise Certificate
DTXC3194 1/8 120A ESC/2200kV Brushless System ……. $249.99
DTXC3195 1/8 120A ESC/2650kV Brushless System ……. 249.99
These systems qualify for a $10 Merchandise Certificate
DTXC3164 1/10 80A ESC/3930kV Brushless System ……. $149.99
DTXC3165 1/10 80A ESC/4420kV Brushless System ……. 149.99
DTXC3166 1/10 80A ESC/5900kV Brushless System ……. 149.99
DTXC3172 1/10 80A ESC/3650kV 4-Pole System ……… 159.99
DTXC3174 1/10 80A ESC/4550kV 4-Pole System ……… 159.99

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