Saturday, June 15, 2024

Get Your Build On – HPI Racing Venture SBK Scale Builder Kit

The scale off-road world is continually evolving and many drivers have turned to building their own rigs from the ground up. These workbench warriors buy RTR kits, tear them down and build them up into scale masterpieces. And it appears manufacturers are taking notice; like HPI. HPI Racing recently released an RS4 Sport 3 Creator Edition for on-road fans and now for the scalers, they’ve announced the Venture SBK Scale Builder Kit. This brand new interpretation of the Venture allows you to build and completely customize the look and performance of the Venture from the very start and also includes a host of sought-after upgrades that helps the truck perform even better on the trail than before.

Front Universal Driveshafts – Tougher, rebuildable and add extra steering angle.
Aluminum Lower Links – Thick 6mm anodized links for great looks and increased performance
4-Link Rear – Increased articulation at the rear, improving grip for better side climbing.
Axle Weights – Adding extra weight directly to the axles, for increased traction exactly where it’s needed.

For more information, visit HPI Racing HERE

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