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RC Driver Today Blog 9/27/2018 – Traxxas EZ Peak Live Dual

Today in the RC Driver Workshop, we are continuing to check out the Traxxas EZ Peak Live Dual charger. With so many Traxxas vehicles and batteries in our collection, we’re excited to add this charger to the gear we use for our testing and fun. The Live charger has a lot of features. One that we really like is the ability to link up with the Traxxas EZ-Peak Live app via bluetooth so we can see what the charger is doing and even stop the charge from our phone if we wanted too. This charger can handle all of the batteries in the Traxxas battery line from NiMh to LiPo with ID connectors. It can even charge older Traxxas packs with the separate balance connectors.

A very cool feature on this charger is the Maxx Charge Mode. The charger can actually handle charging at 26+amps, but this is in total. So one 2S LiPo pack for example can Maxx charge at 16amps or you can charge two 2S packs at the same time at 13.4amps. Thats much better than many standard chargers that have a charge rate set around 4-5amps.

If your charging NiMh batteries, the charge range is anywhere from 2A to 5A depending on the pack. The charger senses the battery and will determine the fastest charge rate for that specific pack.

On the side of the charger you’ll notice the button to set up the Bluetooth pairing. Here it’s blue because it is linked to our phone.

Here is the cool part. Check out the display on the EZ-Peak Live app. Here we can really see what is going on with the battery. We can see the charge rate and even how much charge is in the pack. The display is pretty awesome and the app is easy to navigate.

We’re going to finish our testing of the EZ-Peak Live Dual soon and will post a video all about our experience on our Youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe and hit the notifications bell HERE to get notified when our new videos go up.

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