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Your First Basher Monster Truck? – Helion Conquest 10MT XB

You’ve seen them bashing around backyards everywhere, throwing up dirt, popping wheelies, flying through the air. RC monster trucking looks like a blast, because it is. These tough trucks can turn anything into a launch ramp and with their massive tires and outrageous appearance, they look good doing it. Maybe you’ve even longed to own one, but think you just can’t afford it. Maybe you’re looking for a great entry level vehicle for a young one. The Helion Conquest 10MT XB offers you a solid foundation at a very reasonable price and is ready to roll out of the box. Just charge the included 2000 mAh NiMH battery, throw some AAs in the transmitter and get out there! With a pile of easy upgrades available and a price that’s tough to beat, the Helion Conquest 10MT XB is an attractive option for those looking to upgrade as you go and save yourself some cash up front.

Helion Conquest 10MT XB



WHO IT’S FOR: Beginner

VEHICLE TYPE: 1/10 Monster Truck


HOW MUCH: $159.99


LINK TO BUY: http://amzn.to/2rk9XxS



+Flashy rims, attractive body

+Full ball-bearings

+2s LiPo compatible

+Stand-alone electronics

+Adjustable slipper clutch

+Adjustable coil over, oil filled shocks with anodized aluminum caps


-Won’t pop wheelies with the included battery

-Wimpy steering servo is sluggish at high speed


Author’s Opinion:

Having already driven the Helion Conquest 10MT XLR, I knew that the XB chassis would be well planted and solid. And it is. I knew that the steering servo was going to be a bit lazy. And it is. The one question that burned in my mind was this: Will the Conquest 10MT XB be able to pop a wheelie like its steroidal counterpart, the XLR? Nope. Out of the box, the XB’s wheelie bar is just for show, a promise of the potential of the platform. The included 2000 mAh NiMH battery mated to the 550 brushed motor and 40 amp ESC just doesn’t have the twist necessary to lift those massive front tires off the ground. A 2s LiPO will get the fronts to lift, but you won’t be able to hold it up there all day long like the XLR, so if wheelies are a must, then you’re going to have to upgrade quick or be laughed at by all your monster trucking friends. The XB is perfect for the beginner, with just enough speed and power to keep it fun, and not enough of either to make learning to drive costly. It also offers a great foundation to grow on, with plenty of easy upgrades to turn it into a wheelie popping, dirt slinging demon.



Helion Conquest 10MT XB

-The Helion 550 brushed motor with 40 amp all weather ESC delivers enough power to keep it interesting, but it won’t let you pop a wheelie with the included 2000mAh NiMH battery. It will, however, keep your 6 year old nephew from slamming into the neighbor’s car at illegal speeds. Sometimes, more is not better. For every other time, the brushless upgrade is inexpensive and easy to install.

Helion Conquest 10MT XB

-The Ikonnik ET3 transmitter is an attractive and easy to use controller with a switched 3 rd channel to allow for the addition of lights or a sound box. The steering has dual rate adjustment, and the throttle endpoints are adjustable too, in case you need to slow it down a little.

Helion Conquest 10MT XB

-The standalone electronics allow for the upgrade and replacement of individual components, making repairs and upgrades an easy task. Want a quicker steering servo? No problem! Need a more potent ESC? Easy! The non-integrated components are solid, but if the need ever comes up and one of them needs to be replaced, then you’re not stuck shelling out money to replace a receiver/servo/ESC modular unit. The 2000 mAh NiMH battery gives runtimes in excess of twenty minutes and moderate acceleration and is an economical and safe alternative to LiPO batteries, but won’t deliver the wheelie popping punch of a LiPO. The ESC is easily switched from NiMH to LiPO by moving a jumper on the exterior of the ESC.

Helion Conquest 10MT XB

-The slipper clutch keeps you from turning your drivetrain into a mangled mess of gears and bearings and also offers you a valuable tuning tool for different driving surfaces. A full set of ball bearings means that you’re not going to have to pull the whole thing apart some day when all the bushings are shot. Ball bearings ensure a quiet, efficient ride, and ensure that you’re going to get the most out of your monster truck. A full set of ball bearings also means that it is ready for whatever you can throw at it, whether that be a twenty foot dirt drop or a brushless motor.

Helion Conquest 10MT XB

-The adjustable oil filled coil over shocks keep the chassis planted and the included anodized aluminum caps give a little flash to your ride. The shocks are adjusted by adding or removing collars above the spring, and there are also multiple shock mounting points front and rear to give you even more tuning options.

Helion Conquest 10MT XB

-The tight fitting dust cover keeps dust and dirt out of the chassis, making cleanup a breeze and keeping your electronics protected. While it might make your truck look like a buggy on steroids with the body off, it is functional and easy to remove by pulling two body clips when you need access to the chassis.

Helion Conquest 10MT XB

-Sure, it has a wheelie bar, but the XB doesn’t really use it. Not right now, anyway, but it promises to be there when you’re ready for it. As the proud owner of a Conquest 10MT XLR, I can tell you that the XB has the potential to use and abuse that wheelie bar, even if it can’t quite pull it off right out of the box. It’s just there begging you to start upgrading, that’s all.



-Four AA batteries



MaxAmps.com AA batteries



-Brushless motor and ESC



-Plastic wheel wrench

-Wall charger

-Shock adjustment clips



Helion Conquest 10MT XB

For an entry-level monster truck, the Conquest 10MT XB is loaded full of potential, a great platform for beginners, and plenty of room to grow for when you’ve become an experienced trucker. The chassis is relatively low, and offers a great deal of composure on rough patches you’ll find in your backyard. By keeping the center of gravity as low as possible, the Conquest doesn’t suffer from traction roll on grippy surfaces like so many other entry level MTs. Sharp cornering on pavement and carpet will have the truck powersliding, rather than flipping over to play dead like that opossum that lives under my shed. The weather proof electronics provide peace of mind when blasting through puddles and mud, as long as one does not confuse weather resistant with submersible. The Ikonnik transmitter has a nice feel in your hand, and allows for easy adjustments to trim, endpoints, and steering dual rate. Even though the motor felt a bit lacking to me, it offers enough power to have fun, but not enough to get you into trouble. If you’re the kind of driver that needs to clear the double in order to feel like you’ve had a productive day, then you’ll be after the brushless conversion pretty quick. With its very approachable price and the potential to be a backyard terror, the 10MT XB is a great starting point for rookies and kids who are looking for a truck that can grow with them, one step at a time.



Length: 18.9 inches (480 mm)

Width: 13.0 inches (330 mm)

Wheelbase: 11.1 inches (282 mm)

Weight: 5.1 lbs (2.2 kg)


Body, wheels, and tires

Body: prepainted polycarbonate outer, prepainted polycarbonate inner dust cover

Wheels: 2.2 chrome plated

Wheel adapter type: 12mm hex

Tires: Soft compound V-tread



Type: 4 wheel independent

Shock positions: 2 upper, 1 lower (f), 2 upper, 2 lower (r)

Camber: Non-adjustable links

Roll: N/A

Wheelbase: 11.1 inches

Ride Height:

Misc: N/A



Type: Dual Bellcrank w/ adjustable servo saver

Toe: Non adjustable


Chassis: Molded semi-tub

Material: Composite

Thickness: 0.1 inches



Type: 2wd

Transmission: Gear type

Differentials: Grease packed 4 gear

Clutch type: adjustable slipper

Gear ratio: 23T 48P pinion 81T spur

Bearings: full set, sealed



Opinion: 7

Performance-Acceleration: 5

Performance-Steering: 6

Performance-Handling: 8

Performance-Durability: 8

Feature Breakdown: 7

Overall value: 10

Helion Conquest 10MT XB


For the price, you would be hard pressed to glaze over the Helion Conquest 10MT if you are looking for a 2wd machine in the monster trucking world. Not only is the 10MT XB already equipped with ball bearings throughout, it includes oil filled, adjustable shocks, a four gear differential, and a nicely tuned chassis that delivers improbable handling in the world of big trucks. For a beginner, the brushed motor will be adequate enough to learn and will deliver speeds that will keep crashes from being catastrophic. Want a little more speed and some wheelie popping ability? Throw a 2s LiPO in there and move the jumper on the ESC to LiPO mode, and you’re ready for more speed! Equipped with a wheelie bar and a slipper clutch, the 10MT XB is ready for serious power, should you decide to do the upgrade to brushless. For an entry level MT, you just can’t beat the Conquest 10MT XB for price and potential.

WORDS: Marc Aubin


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