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Hit the pavement using Pro-Line street tires


The latest trend that we are seeing is happening out on the street. People are taking all kinds of vehicles and setting them up for on-road use. Some are transformed into cool no-prep drag racing cars, some are setup into exhilarating high-speed speed run machines and some are simply off-road vehicles converted into fun-to-drive pavement pounders. The one component that is key for success for all of the aforementioned vehicles are tires. Having the right tires for the job is crucial so that you have a car or truck that can properly handle street running. The forerunner in the development of tires for the street running seen is Pro-Line. Here we will show you what tires are available so that you can hit the pavement using Pro-Line street tires.

Hit the pavement using Pro-Line street tires

The no-prep drag racing cars and the high-speed speed run cars are currently the most popular segments in the street scene. No-prep drag cars were derived from people converting their Traxxas Slash 2WD short course trucks into drag cars. The conversion into a drag car is not complicated and can be done with a handful of parts along with a drag style body and of course, drag tires. Both the bodies and tires can be picked up from Pro-Line. Pro-Line has a nice selection of drag bodies made specifically for these Slash/Drag conversions as well as drag racing wheels and tires.

Hit the pavement using Pro-Line street tires
One of Pro-Line’s no-prep drag bodies…the 1969 Chevrolet Nova #3531.


With today’s powerful brushless motor systems and LiPo battery packs, RC cars are faster than they have ever been. This has made it possible for virtually anyone to build a high-speed speed run car that can easily surpass highway speeds and hit 100mph! Manufactures have also jumped in and have produced vehicles that are built for high speed like the Traxxas XO-1, Arrma Infraction and Arrma Limitless. If your goal is to try and reach these insane speeds, then you want to consider tires that are belted. Pro-Line makes these specialized tires where a high-performance herringbone weave pattern belt is inside of the tire which keeps the tire from expanding at high RPM.

Hit the pavement using Pro-Line street tires
Traxxas XO-1

Following are the street tires offered by Pro-Line. You will see that there is a good variety and something that can fit nearly any vehicle.

Avenger HP S3 (Soft) Street BELTED 1:8 Buggy Tires Mounted—9069-243

Pro-Line created the Avenger HP belted tires specifically for 1/8-scale buggies that are built for high speeds like the Arrma Typhon. A special technology was developed by Pro-Line where they are able to mold a high-performance herringbone weave pattern belt inside the carcass of the tire. This belt will keep the tire from expanding or ballooning so that you can maintain a straight line while keeping as much of the tire in contact with the ground.

If you have ever driven a high-speed car with tires that balloon, you will know how unstable it becomes and incredibly difficult to control. Pro-Line molded the Avenger HP tires in their soft S3 compound along with deep grooves to provide tremendous grip. An added benefit of these tires are that they come already mounted on Pro-Line black dish wheels.

Hoosier Drag 2.2″ 2WD Drag Racing Front Tires—10158-17 and Hoosier Drag Slick SC 2.2″/3.0″ Drag Racing Tires—10157

Give your no-prep drag car the full Hoosier treatment by adding the Hoosier Drag 2.2” front tires and the Hoosier Drag Slick SC 2.2″/3.0″ rear tires. Both are fully licensed by Hoosier which is a name that is well-known for their success in the full-scale drag racing world. Not only do the tires look incredibly scale, but they perform just like the full-size tires. Each tire is detailed with the iconic white Hoosier logo on the sidewall. Both tires are available in either Pro-Line’s soft yet very durable S3 compound as well as the more stable MC clay compound. The Hoosier Drag front tires fit 2.2” 2WD buggy front wheels and the Pro-Line Pomona drag wheels.

Prime 2.8” Mounted Street Tires

Pro-Line offers four different options for the Prime 2.8” mounted street tires which have been specifically created for high speed action with your 2.8” monster trucks. Since they come out of the package already mounted on the wheels, you don’t have to worry about gluing them up and feel confident that the bond is secure between the tire and wheel. Pro-Line utilized its legendary M2 soft race rubber compound along with a near complete slick tire for outstanding traction on concrete and asphalt. The tires feature smooth sidewalls to allow for controllable burnouts and slides where ordinary treaded tires would catch and flip your rig. Pro-Line was able to achieve a design in the Prime tires that reduces tire expansion for added stability during high speed runs. Below is the list of the different Prime 2.8” Mounted Street Tires options. The main difference between the tires are the type of wheel that they are mounted onto and their wheel hex size.

Prime 2.8″ Street Tires Mounted on Raid black removable hex wheels—10116-10
Prime 2.8″ Street Tires Mounted on F-11 black wheels—10116-14
Prime 2.8″ Street Tires Mounted on F-11 black wheels—10116-15
Prime 2.8″ Street Tires Mounted on F-11 black wheels—10116-18

Reaction HP SC 2.2″/3.0″ S3 (Soft) Drag Racing BELTED Tires—10170-203

With one glance you can tell that the Reaction HP tires are intended for drag racing since the tread is smooth. This style of tire is called a drag slick. Pro-Line made the Reaction specifically for no-prep drag racing and further upped its performance by making them belted. Inside of the tire is a high-performance herringbone weave pattern belt so that the tire will not balloon or expand during use. When drag racing, the belted feature is a clear advantage by giving you maximum control of your drag car and let you get the power down. Soft S3 compound is used to provide unmatched stability and serious grip. Pro-Line gave the Reaction tires a maximum speed rating of 90mph or about 7,000rpm. If you surpass this rating, you risk breaking the internal belt. The Reaction tires mount onto 2.2”/3.0” short course rear wheels like the Pro-Line Pomona (#2776-03) drag specific wheel.

Hit the pavement using Pro-Line street tires

Road Rage 3.8” Street Tires

The Road Rage 3.8” tires are perfect for racing around the paved areas of your neighborhood or at your local on-road race event. Pro-Line designed the Road Rage 3.8” tires by incorporating an ultra-low sidewall which translates into the maximum in predictability, stability and responsiveness for your monster truck. You will notice that they have an aggressive and deep V-tread design so that the dirt and debris that is normally found on asphalt surfaces won’t hinder your vehicle’s performance. Pro-Line offers the Road Rage 3.8” tires in three variations: mounted on Desperado black 1/2” offset 17mm wheels, mounted on Raid black 8×32 removable hex 17mm wheels and unmounted without any wheels. The tires are made to fit directly onto all 3.8” Traxxas-Style bed wheels.

Road Rage 3.8″ (Traxxas Style Bead) Street Tires—1177-00
Road Rage 3.8″ Street Tires Mounted on Raid black removable hex wheels—1177-10
Road Rage 3.8″ Street Tires Mounted on Desperado black wheels—1177-11


Street Fighter HP 3.8″ Street BELTED Tires Mounted—10167-10

One of Pro-Line’s most recent tire releases are the pre-mounted Street Fighter HP 3.8” belted tires for monster trucks. Like the other PL belted tires, these Street Fighter HP tires are equipped with a high-performance herringbone weave pattern belt. The belted design stops the tire from expanding or ballooning during use. Thus Pro-Line gave the Street Fighter HP tires an impressive maximum speed rating of 95mph or about 5,000rpm that should not be exceeded. Thanks to the aggressive tread and soft M2 compound, your MT will benefit from outstanding grip. Pro-Line also heard the requests for a new tire size to fit the current generation of monster trucks and spec’d these out with a 3.11” wide by 6.22” tall measurement. Lastly, Pro-Line sells these tires with the Raid 3.8”removable hex wheels that up their ease of use. If the hex becomes damaged, you can simply replace the wheel hex without needing to replace glued tires.

Beside the Street Fighter HP 3.8” belted tires, Pro-Line offers other Street Fighter tires although they are not belted. The Street Fighter SC 2.2″/3.0″ tires and the Street Fighter LP 2.8″ Street Truck Tires are each sold either pre-mounted or just the tires by themselves.

Street Fighter SC 2.2″/3.0″ M2 (Medium) Tires—1167-01
Street Fighter SC 2.2″/3.0″ Tires Mounted on Renegade black wheels—1167-17
Street Fighter LP 2.8″ Street Truck Tires—10161-00
Street Fighter LP 2.8″ Street Tires Mounted on Raid black removable hex wheels—10161-10

Pro-Line’s Tire Selector Tool

Hit the pavement using Pro-Line street tires

If you ever need help finding tires for a specific vehicle, Pro-Line has a Tire Selector tool which is a very helpful feature found on their website. You first select the type of vehicle you have and then pick the surface. Depending on what vehicle and surface you pick, there could be other questions to help generate accurate tire choices for you. CLICK HERE to try the Tire Selector.

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  1. Have Traxxas Maxx w/ 17mm wheel hubs & 17 nuts. I’m running the Wide Maxx kit in my Maxx. I would like the ProLine Street HP Street Belted Tires Mounted on the correct wheels for my application. What part # for my Maxx?

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