Monday, April 22, 2024

HPI Now Has Maverick Strada Red Brushless Vehicles

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HPI is happy to announce that the Maverick RC Strada Red range of brushless 1/10th scale cars and trucks are now in stock and ready for delivery! With an all-new red paint scheme and extra-fast brushless system, the Strada Red kits are ready for action at your command! Each Strada Red chassis is packed with fantastic gear at a great price. Waterproof electronics allow you to get down and dirty rain or shine, and the brushless motor is extra-powerful and extra-fast. The included battery pack will give you loads of runtime with your friends or on your own, while the 2.4GHz radio system gives you total control of your Strada Red.

The #MV12621 Strada Red XB is a fully-featured 4WD buggy fitted with race-ready tires on cool black wheels. Oil-filled shocks provide top control for all the Strada Red vehicles and you can easily tune the handling using multiple shock locations.

The #MV12622 Strada Red XT is fitted a cool pick-up truck style racing body and a big front bumper, just like every pick-up truck should have! A big rear spoiler helps keep the rear end under control at high speeds – which are easy to hit thanks to the powerful brushless motor! With much larger wheels and tires featuring hundreds of square mini-pin tread blocks, the Strada Red XT has a wider stance for increased control and better hanlding.

The #MV12623 Strada Red MT has a more aggressive and chunkier pick-up truck body than the XT version, and keeps the big front bumper. It also has larger tires that are more suitable to the street, so it’s perfect for parking lot bashing as well as driving on short grass!The Strada Red MT also features 2 shocks at each corner, for a total of 8 shocks – perfect for that cool monster truck look!

The #MV12624 Strada Red TC features an ultra-sleek inspired by the latest GT racers, plus a high-mounted rear wing for extra traction. This 4WD ultra-GT racer is perfect for speed runs at your local bashing spot! The Strada Red TC also features a big front foam bumper to protect it from the inevitable crashes you get when racing touring cars, plus grippy semi-slick tires that are ideal for on-road driving.

If close off-road action is more your cup of coffee, then you’ll love the #MV12625 Strada Red SC. This full-featured short course racer features a fully enclosed pick-up truck body and realistic treaded tires. With a strong 4WD drivetrain and big ‘basher’ bumpers front and rear, the Strada Red SC is ready to take on all comers, wherever the racing is happening!

The #MV12626 Strada Red DC is the ideal companion when you want to get sideways. The import-style drifter body with its big rear wing looks perfect as it countersteers around a tight bend! With locked diffs and hard plastic drift tires, the Strada Red DC handles wonderfully on twisty on-road tracks, giving you the confidence to drive door-to-door with your drifting friends!

If super-tight mixed-surface racing appeals to you more than driving on just on-road or off-road surfaces, you have to try a rallycross car like the #MV12627 Strada Red RX! With 4WD grip and ‘hot hatch’ styling, you get intense and exciting racing action as well as powerslides, jumps and more! The Strada Red RX is equipped with a waterproof Maverick brushless system just like all the Strada Red cars, and it also features long buggy shocks for extra suspension travel, plus all-terrain tires that are great on a variety of surfaces like you see on real rallycross tracks: gravel, asphalt and dirt!

For exploring the wide open landscape of your local park or the wild, roadless desert, the #MV12628 Strada Red DT is the ideal companion. The extra-cool open roll cage look, complete with driver and co-driver figures AND a spare tire on the back, will turn heads whether it’s blasting across a dusty flat section or bombing through boggy mud. We like to think of the driver as Fearless Steve, blasting across the rutted desert slopes and valleys at full speed – what will you name the driver of your Strada Red DT?

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