Monday, April 22, 2024

HPI Sprint 2 Sport

Project: HPI Sprint 2 Sport

HPI’s Sprint 2 Sport has quickly become one of RC’s go-to vehicles. You can catch this versatile on-roader racing around asphalt (or carpet) tracks, sliding sideways through drift courses or even navigating rally courses littered with different types of terrain. For this project, I decided to do a little “back home” build; I’m taking some styling cues from the SoCal scene and putting together something you’d see flashing by in the local hot spots.

I’m not going to reveal much yet, but I am going to say that this car is getting a pretty decent makeover, everything from the chassis to the drivetrain, electronics and body. Even the wheels and tires are getting an uncommonly fresh look. So, here’s a couple pix of HPI’s Sprint 2 Sport right out of the box. Ok, I lied…it’s not RIGHT out of the box. I bolted on some different body posts to make sure the shell I wanted to use would fit. So, almost right out of the box.

Stay tuned…

Project: HPI Sprint 2 Sport

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  1. I have a sprint 2 flux but I upgraded it to the max. Carbon fiber everything a castle motor and speed control steel drive shafts etc it’s a great project car and when is all said and done it’s an awesome car. Can’t wait to see what you do to this car

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