Friday, September 29, 2023

Hy Traction Juice Shares National Autism Awareness Month

Bryana and Brandon Conklin

This hobby is made up of amazing men, women and most importantly, children and many times the sport brings families closer. That’s the case with the Conklin family. The Conklins are avid RC enthusiasts and the owners of Hy Traction Juice, a company that specializes in traction compounds. They contacted us this month to tell us about their story. This is a very important month because it’s Autism Awareness Month, but for the Conklins, every month is about autism awareness. Their daughter Bryana was diagnosed at the age of 3; they then dedicated themselves to their wonderful daughter and her needs and they have not looked back! They have passed along a few words to share about their experiences.

“Living our own lives and incorporating our daughter is very important to us. In an effort to share our love and dedication, we are combining our passion/employment with our love for our daughter. In a very simple show of support, we are competing with a paint scheme honoring Bryana and everyone else affected by autism.

We love our family, we love our hobby and we love our job. It is our fortune to be able to combine all three into something that has a positive impact on others. Though we may not be the ‘fastest’ competitor, openly and proudly showing support for the struggles and tribulations of those who live with autism puts us in the winner’s circle every time.

With patience, understanding and lots of love, Bryana has come to enjoy the hobby as well and we can’t wait for the day we can all enjoy it together.  For those who believe autism is an obstacle, we are here to show them that it is simply a different color amongst many in a beautiful paint scheme.”

Brandon Conklin

We’d like to thank the Conklins for sharing their wonderful story and making us aware of National Autism month. To learn more about autism, please visit: autismspeaks.org

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