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Kyosho 2015 Dodge Challenger Srt Hellcat Fazer Vei Hop Up

Our picks for performance, durability, and/or appearance upgrades

Here are our accessory and hop-up picks for today’s popular vehicles that can boost performance, durability and/or appearance and leave you with a sweet custom ride.

This article was originally published in RC Driver’s July 2016 issue.

HOP-UP: Kyosho aluminum center shaft
PRICE: $9.00 (FAW051) A spot where some power can be robbed from the powerful Orion dDrive brushless motor is the plastic composite center drive shaft. Kyosho has a perfect solution that also adds to the Fazer’s appearance—an optional blue anodized aluminum center shaft. This shaft won’t twist under load and will properly relay power out to the front and rear gearboxes.

HOP-UP: Kyosho universal swing shaft
PRICE: $36.99 (FAW201) In the Fazer Vei’s stock setup, the front axles are made of composite plastic. Upgrade them with Kyosho’s steel universal swing shafts. They will prove to be more durable, spin more true, won’t bind when steering and will transfer power out to the wheels more efficiently.

HOP-UP: Kyosho CNC aluminum knuckle set
PRICE: $49.99 (FAW052) If you upgrade to the steel universals that we mentioned here then take the next obvious step and replace the stock steering knuckles with Kyosho’s optional aluminum knuckle set. They are beautifully CNC machined from aluminum and will increase your Hellcat’s durability and precision in its drivetrain.

Kyosho, kyoshoamerica.com, 949-454-8854

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  1. I’m new to the touring R/C world and have a Kyosho Challenger. Both sets of tires that come with the car are too small which is a shame since the body is so nice.

    I’d like to get some larger diameter wheel/tire combo (would prefer pre-mount but can do my own gluing) that will fit to make the car look more scale but am not having much luck looking at 1/10 combos.

    Any suggestions for larger wheels/tires combos that will fit?

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