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Kyosho Psycho Kruiser Stadium Truck

Kyosho Psycho Kruiser Monster Truck

This huge monster truck is 6S LiPo capable with the included waterproof Orion esc and brushless motor. It has plush big bore shocks, a wheelie bar, waterproof KS-203 steering servo and KT-201 2.4GHz radio system.

Readyset with the radio remote control Syncro LCD KT-201 2,4GHz frequency hopping
• motorization Team Orion Brushless Motor
• protection against overloads
• regulator of speed waterproof Team Orion R8one Brushless compatible with LiPo batteries 6S
• the permanent drive to 4-wheel drive
• three differential
• Heavy Duty bumper
• hydraulic shock absorbers Big Bore stems from 3.5 mm
• arms and tie-rods with adjustable
• Wheelie-bar on the rear axle
• stiffeners new type „heavy duty“ of the cases of transmission
• security on the rear axle against splashing water
• servo steering waterproof KS-203 High-Performance
• universal front
• gears of differential heavy duty on the front and rear axle
• tires Micro-Pin for maximum traction
• bodywork Monster Truck with a double cabin and intake air

1. The battery box of large and is suitable for LIPO batteries from 4-6 cells and protects them against mechanical damage during handling.
2. The tie-rods are adjustable for easy adaptation of the setup to the various situations.
3. The brushless motor Team Orion from this car power in excess.
4. The appearance is massive and powerful. Bumper and air intake are not only“cool” aesthetically

Kyosho Psycho Kruiser Monster Truck

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